For me, Halloween is a lifestyle that is not just about pumpkins, costumes, and candy but more about expressing oneself more than just once a year. We should be allowed to be who we are on a daily basis despite how colorful, weird and wild that may look to the rest of society. Michelle Halloween is a safe place for all misfits with an emphasis on  BIPOC, LGBTQIA, +, Black Trans Women.

If any of this resonates, you’re in the right pumpkin patch. is a place where you will find ways to incorporate Halloween into every season. There is horror movie talk, witchcraft, stories, poetry, creature features, and, possibly, your next favorite band. All of which I love to share and inspire you to live your life the way you want to.

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Newest Live Stream

I DO Like Scary Movies!

The following is NOT a review of Scream 2022… I have a horror movie confession.  This one may make me unpopular, told that I don’t

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2021 Was A Scab

When it comes to the question, ‘what was it like when you were growing up’, the answer is often subjective. I reflect on my childhood

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Happy Hallowdays

A few weeks ago, a tradition called Creepmas was put onto my radar. Thank you Spooky Little Halloween! Creepmas is a celebration that was es

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Season of the Witch

Here in an instant, gone in a flash. Just like October, my Instagram account of 10 years was erased in a flash. I’ve seen it happen to other

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