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As I begin preparing for the darkness, the super new moon and, a re-branding of sorts, I wanted to share some of the moments I captured during October. From my naked mischief – no I’m not posting nudes here (teasers only) – to some pics of my everyday home decor, my culinary skills and my encounter with paddle boarding witches, I’m sure all readers will find something they enjoy within this photo dump.

The first space to be embellished within my new dwelling was the basement. Most of my everyday Halloween and horror inspired treasured were smooched together in my previous house. But, here, theres way more walls to cover. Floor space too. I am now able to have my animatronics up year round and have mini-themes everywhere. I am not bragging, I am grateful!

Left: I wanted to make a vintage Halloween wall. I’m getting there!

Middle: My basement bathroom is inspired by @halloweenhappy and her bathroom!

Right: You know what it is @spookymelaninmagic! This Spider Spice soap I found at Marshall’s is my new favorite. I hope it comes back around next season. It smells like I’m watching my hands with Angry Orchard!

,Paddle Boarding Witches

I think I am becoming sort of an introvert. Weird I know. However, I wanted to have a chill Halloween. Chill it was! The day before Halloween, I ventured out with my Dude to try and catch a bunch of witches paddle boarding up the Willamette. My editor told me about this! It was a sunny and cloudless day but still a crisp 53 degrees and there was a concerning wind blowing. I loved that but I wondered if it was safe for the Witches. The Willamette river is a beautiful wonder but, dangerous and it was advised that the paddle boarding witches be very skilled. Well, they pulled it off!

I am sure you can find close up and clearer pics here The Oregonian

We know where to post for a better view next year. But, I discovered a walking trail I can’t wait to hit while we where there. Pictures never capture the true beauty of what I share. Just saying.

Going back to me thinking I’m becoming an introvert – I wanted to do nothing more than to stay home and cook and bake. I wanted to listen to Halloween tunes and get drunk at home. I could have went out and done plenty but, something – I believe it was a silly ghost who kept making me spill shit in the kitchen- that wanted me to spend Halloween Inside. I do miss my friends and long to make new ones but I need things to be more organic. So, I was happy to just be present and enjoy my orange, black and jäger flavored harvest.

Left: I love me a good charcuterie board. Those tarts were divine! They were apple and cranberry tarts from Trader Joe’s.

Middle: I love making treats from Zach Neil’s ,The Nightmare Before Dinner book. Pictured here is Bacon Beetle Bread. It is so fucking delicious. I put my own little spin on it but, fuck my Goth – this stuff is good! Savory and definitely a comfort food.

Right: Another recipe from ,The Nightmare Before Dinner ,is Lovett’s Pot Pie with Jalapeño Corn Bread. It was chilly out so, this was warm and comforting.

I also made Pumpkin pie and roasted pumpkin seeds. The munchies were handled after the trick or treaters left!

,The Hell-o-Ween Costume Party.

I had this idea that I would dress up in traditional sexy costumes for my fans on Fansly. I had fun with this! I brought some ideas I had to fruition and was pleased with the outcome. Some of my wildest sexual fantasies came true. It was messy at times but, worth the outcome.

Below is a small gallery of the teasers I posted on my Fansly page. These are free but if you want the uncensored (IM NAKED) versions Click Here to BUY those photo sets and videos. Again, below is censored but still a lot of me. Turn away if you can’t handle giant boobs.

I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way. Loved being Jessica Rabbit for the finale!

This photo was used in my feature in Nocturnus Magazine.

Thank you for reading and viewing!

I do hope everyone had a Happy Halloween and are not falling too deep into the post Halloween depression. I hope the coming darkness leads to you making your own new beginnings and preparing for the next Halloween season.

Remember that it’s Halloween everyday. For so many of us.

With Gratitude,

Michelle Halloween

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