Michelle HALLOWEEN 2019
31 Nightly Halloween & Horror Writing Prompts

  My thoughts are always hidden in dark storm clouds. You could be talking to me and I’ll be listening but, I could also be imagining what would happen if you just started bleeding from your eyes. 

  Do you ever question what age is the right age to let your kids watch horror? If you’re a scare actor, what story or scenario do you tell yourself to turn into a monster night after night? Do you ever watch a horror flick and imagine what you would do if you were to be the next victim? Do you wonder what it’s like to be a ghost at Disneyland?

  I can’t be the only ghoul with these pressing inquiries. Therefore, I am thrilled and a bit mortified to present my first ever writing project.

  As inquisitive as I am, I have no doubt I can come up with 31 scary and twisted prompts. But, where’s the fun in that? Therefore, I am requesting Halloween and Horror prompt submissions from you! Send me up to three prompts and I will post and tag you with your handle. The prompts will be posted daily on my Instagram as will the responses beginning on…..October 1, 2019. DUH! 

  I am an open book, but that doesn’t mean everyone is so here are some things to consider when submitting your prompt.

  *Cursing is a form of expression. Feel free to use as many shits and fucks as you please. But, do not go all Jr. High School tween boy on me. Use some discretion. 

  *I am asking for Halloween and Horror prompts. Not torture porn or any kind of sexually suggestive scenarios. Even if the setting is in a graveyard, keep it in your pants boys and ghouls.

  *No overly offensive prompts please. Nothing that is politically charged or aimed to cause division on my website. We get enough of that in reality. 

  *Don’t overthink! This is a simple fun writing project. No judgements. Proper grammar or writing experience is NOT necessary.

Submit your prompts Here  or via email at mobrien@michellehalloween.com no later than September 30th. 

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