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I DO Like Scary Movies!

The following is NOT a review of Scream 2022… I have a horror movie confession.  This one may make me unpopular, told that I don’t

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2021 Was A Scab

When it comes to the question, ‘what was it like when you were growing up’, the answer is often subjective. I reflect on my childhood

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Happy Hallowdays

A few weeks ago, a tradition called Creepmas was put onto my radar. Thank you Spooky Little Halloween! Creepmas is a celebration that was es

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Season of the Witch

Here in an instant, gone in a flash. Just like October, my Instagram account of 10 years was erased in a flash. I’ve seen it happen to other

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The October Duality

Jack Skellington sings this verse while trying to dissect the meaning of Christmas, but when I hear, “Here in an instant, gone in a flash.”

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