1870 Haunt Manor

Another highlight of Halloween 2019 was meeting Michael Fernandez, the builder of 1870 Haunt Manor. With his own two hands and, with the guidance of Rick Navarro aka @rickcreeper, Michael built a small-scale walkthrough haunt complete with even a small slider. At the time, it was his 9 year old brother. Sounds like Michael is right there along with all the other builders, right? He totally is, however there is one thing about Michael that still blows my mind. He's only 17.

Back in March or April of 2020, Michael was already planning for Halloween 2020. For Quarantine-O-Ween he put up a socially-distant display for us to enjoy and, he was already plotting for the season. Either way, 2020 was not going to stop Michael. When I received a DM from Michael inviting me to "Haunter's Night" to check out what he has done, I was so stoked! It was hard not to show up earlier. But, I wanted to see everyone's reaction and, the interactive additions I may not have otherwise seen.

Let me tell you, I was not disappointed.

Upon arrival there was a small crowd in front of the Manor. Everyone was being respectful of each other's distance. I was so pleased to see Michael being interviewed by the great @animenji. I took in how well-spoken and, professional Michael is. He is wise beyond his years and, as crafty as the haunter's who have been at this for many seasons. Then, I turned my attention towards the hostess for the night, @krystalenoir

Krsyta was greeting guests, handing out gift bags and, enforcing social distancing. Don't mess with "Milly" or she will hand you over to Graveyard Joe. We all know this guy.

1870 is well spread out. I mean, you can't get up to the two-story tower that Michael assembled. That's ok because only the creepy inhabitant's of the manor are allowed there. Even from the top of the tower, there was another familiar scare-actor/slider looming and, taunting guests. I got candy thrown at me from there, so I was super thrilled! Trick-or-Treat indeed! Of corpse, the loudest guest, "me" is prone to attacks from sliders. I can't hear them coming. So, when I thought there would be no slider scare's in 2020, the fellows at 1870 Haunt Manor managed to make me jump in fright when this one decided to shake his can behind me.

I was super excited to see @creepxcosplay there! The last time I saw this spooktacular fiend was when he was done up as an evil as elf and dancing to "La Chona". Ah, the memories. Creep was sneaking up behind the display admirers and, taking pics. What a sweet addition! Only the best cosplayers and, sliders come out to play at 1870 Haunt Manor.

There is a section for safe photo opps. So, if that is still up, when you go, be sure to take in the details of who is pictured in this haunted hall facade.

Michael was telling us that it took a couple of familiar fellow haunters to help erect the tower and, it is complete with a platform for the scare actors to stand on. The entire facade is sturdy and built so well, the talent is able to easily move around. Graveyard Joe digs his holes well elevated above street level, so social distancing is no problem at 1870 Haunt Manor.

Once again, I am incredibly impressed by Michael and, I'm excited to see what the future holds for this soon-to-be legendary Haunter. Based on the craftsmanship, attention to the fine details, interactiveness and, safety; 1870 gets 5 out of 5 pumpkins from me.

You can visit 1870 Haunt Manor everyday from now through Halloween. Wear a mask if you come to visit and, maintain social distancing. There is no fee required but, donations are accepted.


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