I was excited to be able to grab tickets to this event after missing out last year. I had the full intention of taking my younger kids along but the rules stated the minimum age to attend was fourteen. Sorry kids! Upon first glance at the line up and what to expect for this party, I have to admit, I was a bit put off. This isn't a typical Michelle Halloween outing. There would be no gore and no horror. Just, mostly family friendly Halloween and Halloween-ish entertainment.

Good thing I invited my ghoul friend Batty. She advised I stop overthinking and have fun no matter what. After all, the event was to be held at the iconic Hollywood Forever Cemetery. The highlights of the event was the honoring of Disney's Haunted Mansions 50th anniversary and Ghostbusters 35th anniversary. Costumes were encouraged so Batty put on her epic Haunted Mansion Bride cosplay and killed it!

Once we entered the cemetery and walked the path towards the venue, I became excited seeing there was food trucks! I was a little hungry. But, the set up for the event was gorgeous. Fan art of Maleficent, Oogie Boogie, Hocus Pocus was projected on the wall where the movies are played. The colors and lights made me feel like I was at a high class production and my feeling was right! The show was emceed by Lady Bunny and hosted by Vanessa Hudgens and Jordan Fisher. I don't watch the Disney channel anymore so I don't know who he was. The show opened with celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Haunted Mansion. We were scarfing down tater tots and nachos at that point but, we were able to see view the segment quite clearly from where we were. I yelped and had a psycho ghoul fan moment when I saw James Carter from Creepy Kingdom being featured. He's gonna be even more famous now! See the Foolish Mortals documentary and give James and Creepykingdom.com a follow!

Once food was in belly we made our way to the stage area. We were able to find a good viewing spot of the stage right next to Ecto 1.

We were treated with appearances by a slew of celebrities. Kevin Smith and his Daughter Harley Quinn Smith. Kristin Chenoweth and JDMCarary sang a bit from Wicked but, we were more entertained by two fans who reacted to that song with concerning fervor. I hope it was for Kristin and not the kid. It was at that point I realized how we were surrounded with seasonal Halloween fans. Not lifestyle Halloweener's like Batty, my Husband and I. I felt a bit out of place and was quickly distracted from that slight discomfort when Batty's appearance scared another party goer. We lived out a real life Mean Girls moment. You know the scene when Kady shocks the Halloween Party goers with her "ex wife" costume. That moment!

And then there was the Christina Aguilera performance. Look, the woman is beautiful and has a beautiful voice. I won't knock her career. I don't care for her music, it's just not my kind of jam. But, Batty almost lost her nachos and my eyes rolled back into my head when Christina professed her love for the holiday and considered herself the Queen of Halloween. I could only think of the overly glittered Halloween decorations. It was just not right.

I'd have to say the highlights of the event were Salt 'N Pepa's performance, the costume contest hosted by Ross Matthews and judged by Alaska and Doug Jones! Doug Jones! A for real and for true horror icon. But, the pumpkin spice sauce topping was Dan Akyroyd and Ray Parker Jr. Seeing the theme song to Ghostbusters performed by the dude who's on your Halloween playlist live was so amazing. Batty was getting down so much Camera 7 stayed on her for most of the performance. I'm certain you'll catch her on TV!

Freeform's 31 Nights of Halloween begins on Tuesday, October 1st.

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