A Herd of Nightmares

Kerry E.B. Black

It is no secret that I am a complete horror whore when it comes to anthologies and, short horror stories. When Herd of Nightmares was delivered to my home at the beginning of the pandemic, I was down for months of isolation with books like this in hand.

Herd of Nightmares is a collection of short horror stories from the dark and, graceful mind of Kerry E.B. Black. Readers will find themselves immersed in unsettling yet alluring tales that will grab hold of your attention and, won’t let go. You’ll be sneaking peaks to see if anyone can tell what you’re reading. As if you have secret knowledge. In fact, you do! There are stories from the perspective of a daughter who has a messy chore to ease her Father’s despair, a psychic who predicts a ungrateful client’s future and, is able to see what transpires.

In addition to the stories within Herd of Nightmares, there are haikus from Kerry. I enjoyed them as they “cleansed the palette” going from one story’s ending and another’s beginning.

At one point, I had to share my copy with my Daughter mid-way through Herd of Nightmares. I was ok with this, as I oddly didn’t want the nightmares to end. So, I re-read the book again.

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