African American Goth History X: MichelleHalloween

There's a little story I'd like to tell, about a little mixed Girl you may not know so well. I'd like take a few minutes so sit right there and I'll tell you how I became the Goth with kinky hair.

Quite often I get asked, "what nationality are you?" I am, in no way offended by this question. Like a lot of Tim Burton's art, I am simply Black and White. More specifically, I am an African Jew. On the outside, I am a rambunctious Goth. Inside, I am a powerful witch. All of this makes me who I am. And the Michelle you see before you, didn't come to be very easily. It took extraordinary bravery and mountains of pain that all came from resistance. Each time I accepted myself for who I was, I set myself free and my life became easier each time. You read that right, each time. Because with my story, self acceptance took multiple attempts.