African American Goth History X Pt. 3 James H Carter II

Anytime James and I get together, he is always surprised by my excited persona. The tables were turned when I approached him with this project. As he put it, he has never discussed this subject with anyone before. There was no platform for it. He was so well prepared, I just sat back and enjoyed the story. I know you will, too. Ghouls and Goblins, I give you Part 3 of African American Goth History X. The candid story about one of my favorite humans, James H Carter II.

I grew up on the East Coast and the West Coast. That definitely forms who I am. I was adopted and while I don't actually know my exact back round, other than black, I do know I am mixed with something. I've never done one of those tests that you send away. My parents, the only parents I've known my entire life adopted me when I was about six months old. The are both black. In my early years, up until ten years old, I lived in a predominantly b