Band Updates

By now, your playlists should be updated.

Before I continue with features, I'd like to offer some updates on the recent bands I've featured as well as some I'd like to feature soon.

Spooky Surf Music

A few days ago, March 12 2021- The Mysterics sexy, fetish single 'The Pleasure of Pain' debuted on

If you haven't downloaded it yet, get to it. It gets me all hot-and-deliciously bothered. Hearing Tiger Girl and Saturnalia's sexy and evil laughter is just so steamy! @themysterics

The Creature Preachers had their single 'Surf A.D'. remastered by none other than Dave Klein. Surf A.D. is the Greg and Garrick's debut single so, to have had Dave be the one to turn it up was very special. I know Greg Regular actually smiled for that. @thecreaturepreachers

You can listen to 'The Pleasure of Pain and Surf A.D.' at and on streaming platforms like Spotify and Bandcamp.

I've heard a rumor that Tragic Vision debut album is complete and is being remastered. I also heard that it sounds like the "perfect sexy night on the beach" album. Damn! Oh, I can't wait for this one! @tragicvision

Post-Punk & Harder Jams

On March 10th, Vision Video unleashed a new single and video for 'Comfort In The Grave' It was like watching a mini-Italian horror film. To make it even more alluring, the video was deemed "too-offensive" by sensitive social media platforms. So, be sure to visit to watch. I also suggest you give Vision Video's Tik Tok a follow! It's addicting to say the least. Oh, don't forget to pre-order 'Inked In Red' Vision Video's, full feature length album, thats coming in April. @visionvideoband

Did you catch Queen of The Static Opera during Maymaygraves live stream concert? Have you checked out Melody's merch? Get on it! @queenofthestaticopera

I received a few DM's thanking me for featuring Gloom Culture. It has been all my pleasure to share and highlight this incredible Hard-Core trio. If you are a fan of AFI and haven't yet downloaded Gloom Culture's debut album 'Songs To Drown The Screams' I highly recommend it. @gloomculture

The Actors have been dropping treats like 'Love U More' and most recently 'Strangers' to keep us dancing. On April 2nd, 'Like Suicide' the latest single and video debut. On that note, I need to hit them up for an interview. Wish me luck. @actorsmusic

It will still be awhile before we can throw ourselves into mosh pits, get sweated on and, rub against each other during live shows. So, be sure to nurture your favorite Indie Band by buying their music and merch, sharing your playlists and consider donating to any campaign they may be having. After all, they are the ones who took the pandemic and made music to silence our screams while recording music on the toilet.

Just saying.

So, tell me, who have you been listening to?

Have any Indie bands you'd like to see featured?

Hit me up.

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