By the light of the moon….

It’s Friday the 13th and the Full Harvest Moon in Pisces.

My energy is all over the place! While it doesn't seem unlikely for me to put on my lucky Friday the 13th dress, play with my luck in getting tickets to see Bauhaus, then run out to offer my arms and legs for inexpensive flash tattoos, grab 13 donuts, terrorize a suburban woman with a "ch-ch-ch-ah-ah-ah" as I walk by her in Trader Joes; pumpkin bread mix in hand and then chill and watch teens get murdered at Camp Crystal Lake, I have other plans to harness and use this energy.

Tonite the Full Harvest Moon will be at its peak. I haven't found a forest in SoCal that I truly feel connected with. So, dancing naked in the forest is out. And it feels better this way because it's a Full Harvest Moon in Pisces. I'll be taking my intentions to the ocean tonite.