The self proclaimed Horror Whore in me is always obsessing over the hard to get, unique and overall obscure goodies I can get. I typically plan out my plan of vendor attacks before visiting a pop up or con and quite inaccurately budget for what I want. So, after the adrenaline cooled down after scoring Bauhaus tickets. I began to imagine what I'll be wearing to the show and soon after, cause I am magical AF and am pretty good at attracting what I want, I was stoked when I scrolled through the list of vendors at the Witches Brew and found a profile I hadn't seen before. My eye was caught by the Bauhaus purse. I instantly direct messaged this Sorcerer of such unique bags. I had to have that Bauhaus one for the show, right? I also would be needing the Unknown Pleasures coffin bag and both the green slime and dripping blood fanny packs.

Boils and Ghouls meet Vic Vargas creator of cannibalmummies!!!

With a rapid response to my excited message, Vic informed me that both the Unknown Pleasures bag and the Bauhaus were custom made but, he would have all four ready for me before the big show in November. Vic proceeded to serenade me with how much work, love and effort he puts into each stitch of every creation he makes. And they are all made with his own two hands!

Upon meeting Vic in person at the Witches Brew, I had the chance to chat with him about the quality of every bag, backpack, makeup bag and and fanny pack he creates. I was even more blown away by the sturdiness of each one as well. Behold, these things are essentially waterproof! Mind blown! On top of that Vic is so passionate about his creations that he guarantees each one will last his customers well over two years.

Vic is a true witch! He conjured my bags well before the estimated date and I was just as excited as he was to get them around my waist and over my shoulders! I was even more elated that Vic added some special surprises just for me! Let me also mention that Vic is all about customization. So, if you want a death metal rock band logo with a rainbow unicorn, I can tell you Vic will probably exceed your visual expectation.

This is what I love about the horror community! Artists unite for one of a kind experiences and products. Additionally, becoming friends with your customers is key to ultimate success!

You can follow Vic on Instagram @cannibalmummies

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