Clone Culture

Nothing adds to grey skies, rainy nights or mascara tears the way post-punk music does. It's no wonder we turn to the The Cure, Joy Division and Depeche Mode when we feel tongue of depression licking at our heart wounds. But, in true goth nature; it actually feels good. For music is healing.

What I listen to depends on my mood. But, nothing aids in meditation, writing and dancing the way post-punk does. But, in true Michelle Halloween nature, I crave new forms of my favorite genres. I've been on a massive manic surf music and industrial metal kick all throughout Summer and Fall. I'm starting to feel myself wind down. Winter is my time to hibernate and cozy up and "pray for rain". Just as I was about to play a weekend full of Chelsea Wolfe and Drab Majesty, Marco, hit me up about an upcoming project called *Tragic Vision. But first, he wanted me to listen to Innocence by his band Clone Culture.

Milan, Italy based Clone Culture released Innocence, their second album, in March 2020. The pandemic was well underway in Italy, if you remember but, Clone Culture, thanks to their raddness and amazing label Cold Transmission Music, the trio gifted fans this dark and beautiful album. Taking it back even further, Clone Culture had opened for She Past Away and was constantly playing gigs. No pandemic would or will be able to keep Marco, Stefano and Andrea from jamming. My only complaint was that I didn't get hear them earlier.

But, when I did, I was instantly thrust into the realm of ghostly memories of nights in Hollywood, dancing to all the dark wave my blackened heart desired. In reality, I played Innocence on a loop all Friday afternoon while my fingers flailed away at my keyboard. The melodies helping drive my imagination into dark forests, releasing negativity, mending heartaches; all while dancing with my friends and, those times I couldn't get out of bed and all that kept me from being fully enveloped in darkness was music like this. I was surprised and, delighted to hear what I can only describe as soft reggae in Off You Go and, the Lost Boys fan in me loved the saxophone notes in Defeating Time.

Innocence has all of the aspects of those dreary days I love. Whatever Clone Culture is up to next, I know it will be just as good, fresh, starkly different and, exciting. These dudes are keeping post -punk and dark wave alive, respected and, I have a feeling the passion will remain.

You can listen to Clone Culture on all of your music streaming platforms.

* More on Tragic Vision in 2021

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