Dead & Buried

You may think that all horror fanatics love funerals. Not me. I see past the bullshit of the tradition. I don't think anyone enjoys funerals. But, there are people with varying opinions and one day, I would love to chat with someone who enjoys attending them. I, especially loathe the tradition itself. I mean no disrespect to anyone who has lost anyone. However, get ready for a rant about the capitalist funeral homes, churches and other places that host what I deem a sick tradition that goes beyond any alleged Satanic Panic ritual.

There is a lot of history surrounding funerals but, what it comes down to is the occasion marks a gathering to pay the respects of the departed soul while, disposing of a body. It's a business that will flourish, despite the method of disposal because, there is always those who are left behind that require closure. A way to formally say good bye. A ritual to "pay respects". Funerals are a ceremony for the living. The dead don't get to enjoy the occasion nor will they be able to even feel or accept the offerings. There have b