Deer Women Part 1 Cold Moon

"Deer Women is a Beauty & Ritual brand that brings you back to nature, magick and wild beauty." -Deer Women founder (Jessica Magdaleno)

As I write this, I am sipping on a hot cup of Deer Women Oculta Blend. I have been anxious to isolate myself and reflect on the conversation I had with Jessica Magdaleno, the Mother of Deer Women. Still blown away, I am excited to share our time together. This was meeting was no ordinary tea time interview. Jessica is a woman, a mother, to behold and who she is, her experiences traveling the world and what she creates is nothing less than the divine feminine in the flesh. Jessica not only creates teas with intentions, healing and knowledge. She is a visual artist and occultist/magician who collaborates with impressive creatives. While I was with her and even now a