Disaster & Depression

Updated: Feb 1

In my dreams, colossal tidal waves loom slowly towards beaches and inland landscapes. Most times, I have enough time to escape them. When they do tower over me then, crest, I either wake up, or, oddly, surface without injury. As a kid, I had dreams about tornadoes. They would constantly approach but, I would end up realizing I was dreaming or was convinced it was reality but, never experienced the impact of the swirling winds.

Upon awakening from these dreams, I would be gripped by fear. Naturally, I became obsessed with them. So, I studied tornadoes, banged out an excellent Senior Project about them and now I rarely dream of twisters. I researched what the meaning behind the giant waves in my dreams meant. Thats a topic for another time. I've loved Disaster films as much as horror movies. Whats the difference actually? I'm the awesome one who turned on San Andres after the Ridgecrest Earthquakes last year. As if I wasn't rattled enough, right? But, thats what I do, I find horror and disaster movies way more informative than the advice given by the media.