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Over 200 years ago, a vampire duo hid in plain sight on the streets of LA. Feasting on blood and, watching history happen before their eyes the two mysterious vampires grew bored with the mundaneness of the developing City. Certainly born too early, the two vamps hid in their coffin until 2019. It was then when the pair emerged from the their LA crypt and, discovered the world had changed. There were coffee shops and, burritos everywhere they looked. Humans were riding surf boards on wheels and, there was music in the air. The two Vampires had to get in on the LA scene so they collaborated in a private mausoleum in secret and, began to churn out tunes with coffin shaped guitars of their own making. Adding sick soundboards and, decorated collaborations the two Vampires began to manifest hypnotic and, tail shaking tunes and, before we humans could comprehend what was happening, the duo became what we know them as….


Before the two Vampires knew it, they were on stage at the Viper Room on December 14, 2019, performing songs to the delight of a hearty crowd. Myself included.

The Dos Feratu may or, may not have given up blood but, they have found they can endure with music unlike anything any mortal ears have ever heard before.

I was already hypnotized by Dosfertu that chilly night. I had to know more. Have you ever pursued Vampires before? They move fast and, steady. Or is it because they mastered skateboarding and, could skate on coffins decks faster than the human eye could comprehend?

While I was hunting for DosFeratu they were hidden in their crypt for three months working on their latest addictive hit single DUSK. It was then and, only then that DosFeratu invited me to their crypt to talk all things about the macabre producers. It was the best morning I’ve had in forever; for I got to sip coffee from an independent coffee shop with freaking vampires! After the java was consumed, we dove right in. I, Michelle Halloween, give you a special feature with an in-depth conversation with the DosFeratu!

You can listen by clicking the link below.

Be sure to follow DosFeratu @thedosferatu on Instagram. You can download DUSK and, DosFeratu's other singles on itunes and Spotify.

Thank you @monstertease @coffincaseofficial @altered_state_of_reverb @piggydofficial @protonepedals @partymonsterclub for all of your support!

A special thank you to Mandy @monsterunderyourbedclothing for introducing me to DosFeratu.

And an even bloodier, THANK YOU to Dos and Feratu for trusting me with your vampire secrets. As well as making me, one of you!

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