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Last year, I found myself in the midst of a Vampire party at @barsinister. A simple date night turned into a night of dancing and mingling with Los Angeles' best creatures of the night. Howling at the moon at midnight with the main Vampire was incredible! I was hooked. I knew about @endlessnight but, never dreamt of being able to go. So, after the 2019 Endless Night pre-party I accidentally ended up at, I was determined to make it to the Vampire Ball in 2020.

The LA Endless Night Vampire week is more of an accurate description. Beginning Friday, February 14th was the LA Vampire Salon. Saturday, February 15th was the Vampire Bazaar & Market that took place at Sweet! Hollywood. Later that night was the Pre-Party Vampire Night at Bar Sinister. Sunday, February 16th was the main event, the LA Vampire Ball.

I was not able to attend the Vampire Salon nor the Vampire Party but, I was thrilled to be at the Bazaar. Nestled in the dark and perfect room of Sweet! Hollywood were some of LA's finest vendors. @benrusellart, @contrarydame @starightouttathecoffin @wickedmooncreations @horrordaddy @noiorcourt @vampfangsofficial @Ghoulishbunnystudios @crudeinc @hellflowersoapcompany @alligatorjesus @emorbid @maggielovewashere @morbidempire @asaboveartscrafts @LiquidNymph @gracie_glampire @WizArts.us @Princess_Madison_parisvegas

With Fangs bared, even during the day, guests were able to shop for accessories and more for the Ball or just daily Goth wear. Complete with a bar and absolutely perfect tunes, the Bazaar made for the perfect intimate afternoon for the vamps to mingle.

Putting together the perfect ensemble ended up being a fiasco. I'm known as last minute Michelle for a reason. When my Killstar order was delayed, panic set in. There was no way I was going to attend such an event in my typical leather pants. However, the bloody lining ended up being better than my original plan. I want to thank @hotrockhollywood for being so helpful in making sure I had everything needed last minute to look my Gothy best.

The Vampire Ball was held at the Globe Theater in DTLA. Once the tickets were scanned, we proceeded to the red carpet to have photos taken; Oh My Goth people! The creatures of the night looked amazing! My eyes couldn't stop taking in all of the elaborate headpieces the Vampires were donning. A few times I was hypnotized by a few Ghouls dressed as Akasha while swaying their hips just as the Queen herself did. The entire venue was bustling with vampires of every age. I love saying, "yes I am almost forty and yes I still dress up and portray being a vampire as do hundreds of others." The whole scene was like a being at a masquerade, a concert yet also a club. Every Goth girl's dream date night.

Before the famous Orgy was set to play, I made my way to the side of the stage to check out the vendors. I really had a plan to purchase a headpiece from the amazing Ezabell @lequeennoire. There is so much meaning to each and piece she was able to make for the Vampire Ball. It was a total honor to be able to get one of the last ones.

In addition to LeQueenNoire were some of my fiendish favorite vendors. Mary @contrary_dame who helps manage the Endless Night social media and the conjurer of the Bazaar. @mementomori @eyefancybeauty were also on hand for exquisite shopping.

@batcaveclub was happening under the Globe so I snuck in a few dances and a drink before heading up to see the legendary Orgy. I must say it was a true blast from my past to witness their rendition of Smack My Bitch up from Prodigy. Not to mention of course their famous version of Blue Monday.

What I didn't expect was to witness a gorgeous couple become Husband and Wife. Being witness to those dark vows and officiated by none other than the mastermind behind Endless Night, @fathersebastiann then we once again howled at the moon.

I often am too blitzed to ever witness @danidevinebackup at other events so I am glad I was drunk off of pure excitement instead when she came on stage and treated us to a performance that was literally hot and messy.

The Ball kept raging well after. In between dancing we party goers were treated with a well put together costume contest and hypnotic male tribal belly dance by @bagoasdances

There were so many familiar creatures I could hardly stand it. I hate that I missed seeing a few but, I am only one person and there so many Vampires it was all so lovely! For it being my first time attending Endless Night events, I have to say I have succumbed to the bite and want more blood. I intend to manifest the means to attend Endless Night's very first Vampire Weekend in Salem, MA in October! Yes, OCTOBER!

Let me once again thank Mary @contrary_dame, the Hosts & Hostesses of the epic weekend @johannamoresco @dorian_dane @harley_mace The DJ's that played the best tunes @baby_magick @Aengel @mr.v.christ @shockthemonster The Official Photographers @whiskeyshotz

And of corpse @fathersebataain and @patti.negri for the lovey anti-valentine weekend! I'm looking forward to many more!

For more on Endless Night Soiree's in LA, New Orleans and other locations, visit endlessnight.com

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