February 26th was the eve of the Full Snow Moon. A perfect time to release projects and charge them with moonlight. It was the day GloomCulture released their debut album 'Songs To Drown The Screams'. Under this album's influence, I howled at the moon later that night.

It takes a special hardcore band to get my attention. I am grounded and stubborn when it comes to my taste when it comes to metal, industrial and hard core. The last new heavy band I got into was 3Teeth. So, when I first listened to 'Panic' - Gloom Culture's first single, it rushed through my vein's like a $50 mug of black coffee. I wanted to mosh right at my desk. It felt good, and I could tell the songs were written, and sung, from a deep place. 'Songs to Drown The Screams' is pure Doom and I frankly cant get enough.