February 26th was the eve of the Full Snow Moon. A perfect time to release projects and charge them with moonlight. It was the day GloomCulture released their debut album 'Songs To Drown The Screams'. Under this album's influence, I howled at the moon later that night.

It takes a special hardcore band to get my attention. I am grounded and stubborn when it comes to my taste when it comes to metal, industrial and hard core. The last new heavy band I got into was 3Teeth. So, when I first listened to 'Panic' - Gloom Culture's first single, it rushed through my vein's like a $50 mug of black coffee. I wanted to mosh right at my desk. It felt good, and I could tell the songs were written, and sung, from a deep place. 'Songs to Drown The Screams' is pure Doom and I frankly cant get enough.

Singer Alex's voice matches the fast and virtuosic sound that Caleb and Leo produce so well, it's easy to sense that the trio are on the same creative page. Getting to chat with the three bad asses and being introduced to their virtual dynamic was a real treat!

So, enough of my words. Watch and listen and get to know more about Gloom Culture in video link below.

Visit Gloom Culture's linktree for streaming platforms, YouTube Channel, merch and more.

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