Godzilla vs. Kong Official Trailer

This is my official vote...

I am rooting for Godzilla!!!

By now you all should have viewed the much anticipated Godzilla vs. Kong trailer. More than once, I hope.

So, why is a BTG like myself into colossal monsters? Well, it stems from a love of seeing humans get their assess handed to them. These movies are a fun, cinematic reminder that we humans are the Earth's greatest threat. Not the enormous monsters that fight each other for dominance, and end up cost trillions in damage. I appreciate, and simply love how these fictional cinematic treasures have a deeper meaning. I take these deeper meanings very seriously which is the reason I get so excited about colossal creatures features.

Some of the theories coming in about Godzilla vs. Kong are pouring in. I'm not only seeing votes, and bets on who the victor will be but, many questions as to why Godzilla is now hating on humans. Isn't the answer obvious? We suck! Godzilla is the bringer of balance. We went and pissed him off. Also, theres the whole Mechagodzilla easter egg. But, let me have a moment to do my movie rant!

So, before you go hating on Godzilla for allegedly "switching sides" let's uncover the foreshadowing from the previous films, and take a closer look into some theories regarding this modern Monsterverse. Let's start with Godzilla 2014.

We learn that Godzilla has been around since before Jesus so, of corpse, Christian colonizers, "the government" will have tried to erase the Devil from history by classifying and erasing any mention of him. It was learned early on that Godzilla, and other Titan's feed off of nuclear energy so, not only did humans come up with nuclear weapons to basically eradicate ourselves (because we are so intelligent) we offered up free meals to the Titans. Sure, the Titan's were fighting each other before they went down for their long nap but, it's very important to note that Godzilla was the one who always brought balance. Then he sleeps. Monarch didn't know shit about Godzilla when they tried destroying him with nuclear weapons in the 50's. Monarch couldn't figure much out in this film, period. But, Godzilla defeated the MUTO's, a special forces team destroyed their eggs, humans were spared from global catastrophe but, what happens when human's suffer loss, and fear what we can't understand? We can become dangerous vigilantes, and provoke more even more danger.

In Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Monarch's very own Dr. Emma Russel (Vera Farmiga) is radicalized with the mission to restore order to the planet. With the help from a highly organized eco-terrorist group, Russel sets out to wake and, every Titan simultaneously. Driven by grief she takes it too far, not realizing that unleashing every Titan would actually be overkill. But, she has a point. If you watch the film over and over the way I do, she explains how the cities that were destroyed by the MUTOS, and Godzilla's battles in 2014 had been taken over by nature, and are now flourishing. Such details, and revelations can easily be overlooked because, this film offers so much action, and edge of your seat thrills but, I honestly believe we assumed Godzilla is on our side. Just because he wasn't swatting at the aircrafts following his lead when he arrived in Boston to take on King Ghidora, doesn't mean he was helping us because we wanted him to. I believe Godzilla is a simple minded being. He knows we are here but, he will address the biggest threat first, and then rest until the Earth summons him again. It's a mistake to assume that Godzilla was ever ours to manipulate. Think about all the times Godzilla would make his dramatic entrances, lets out his signature roar and then focus his attention on a single human before fighting or heading back into the ocean. Every time he glanced at the audience ( he was looking at us, right? ) he gives this look, like, "Motherfucker, don't think I'm not taking notes on your ass." But, I'd love to hear what you think.

Kong is also very mistrusting of humans so, it doesn't surprise me that we are the ones taking sides in order to serve our own agenda. How quick we change labels from friend to foe. Preston Packard; Samuel L. Jackson's character in Kong: Skull Island, went all Lakeview Terrace on Kong! Kong is the Titan, the King of Skull Island as he protects this land. His home. The indigenous people who exist with Kong, live in harmony, they respect and honor Kong. He leaves him alone, and, in a way protects them from the invaders that live underground. Kong is the King of this place so, hell yeah he had every right in knocking helicopters out of the sky and stepping on the pests who went and started blasting holes in his land. See, we are the threat at this point in Skull Island. Humans think everything bit of land and its treasures is theirs for the taking. We don't respect shit! Packard felt justified in changing the missions objective from its original purpose to killing the beast that killed his friends. Never once considering he and his team crossed the line. It's always a bigger dick competition in the end.

It's worth mentioning that we should not forget that we all know how Kong will be treated when he is brought here, stolen from his land and all. Once again, Monarch is staking claim to things that don't belong to us in order to "study" them, be entertained by them and ultimately weaponize creatures they don't understand. Even when we look in the mirror, and see the threat, us, clear as day, we assert our entitlement in defense. Human's have mastered enslavement so, it's not hard to oppress creatures 50 times our size.

The trailer suggests that Kong was not-surprisingly taken from Skull Island, his home, to help us fight Godzilla. I have a theory that Kong will not be all BFF with humans, nor has any intention of appeasing them once the fight with Godzilla ends. His basic instinct will be, of corpse, to fight Godzilla but, let's say he wins. Do you really expect Kong to just obey, and be keen on being held captive in some Monarch habitat?

*Warning: A totally valid rant is ahead.

You see, we stake claim to anything and everything. We are greedy. We suck our resources dry and, even with another deadly global pandemic, (some may be surprised to learn this isn't our first one) we still seem to ignore that humans are actually the ultimate virus. We are latching on to the planet, consuming, gorging ourselves until there is nothing left. Then we mutate by colonizing and staking claim in order to find something else to suck dry. Look at climate change. We experience worsening wildfires, record breaking heat waves, coastal flooding, warm oceans more each year. All which are signs the Earth is giving in order to warn us that we are hurting her. We are not listening. By all means Mother, if you have Titan's to unleash, go for it! I'd much rather be taken out by Nuclear Godzilla than the Rona. After all, based on what I have observed, most people are going about their business with a mask on. Guidelines and restrictions are being ignored, and the tantrums people are throwing because they simply want things to get back to normal proves we don't give a fuck about the cries the Earth is sending. Clearly the Rona, isn't loud and damaging enough. Even with 400,000 deaths in the U.S. humans keep going on about their lives. Balance is needed. So, who better to do the job than Godzilla?

I am very curious about the kid that Kong seems attached to. I am also grateful the film will not entertain the Ann Darrow, damsel-in-distress shit. This relationship will humanize Kong, and will no doubt, add to the illusion that Kong can become an ally to all humans. The kid, and Kong clearly have a connection that was developed before Kong is stolen from Skull Island. What is with her sensing Godzilla's threatening approach to the carrier? I have so many questions!

Too deep for a fictional monster movie? I don't think so. But, despite my real-world connections, I am sure that the film will end with humans avoiding total annihilation once more. The tag line says, "One will Fall". I predict Godzilla being severely injured, and maybe even bowing to Kong but, I don't see Godzilla going anywhere but, back to his home in the ocean. I can't see Kong being killed. Theres a respectful transfer of power. Though I am team Godzilla, I believe Kong will take the trophy at the end of this film. But, Godzilla will live!

They wouldn't kill Godzilla off would they? That could be the studio making way for more Kong movies. Who knows?! Regardless, March 26th can't come soon enough.

What are your predictions and thoughts for Godzilla vs. Kong?

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