"Harpoon" Review

Featured on Creepy Kingdom

The water is crystal clear and there’s barely a cloud in the sky, so you think you’re in the clear to spend the day on a boat with your best friends, spreading your parent’s ashes in the ocean and then have a few beers while doing some fishing and reflecting on life with the people that are with you in that moment. That is until a storm comes out of nowhere and punches you in face. Or was that you best friend’s fist?

Harpoon starts off defining what friendship is. You think you’re in for a film that forces a trio of friends to work out their issues together. Jonah’s parent’s just passed away tragically leaving him with no money and a Jonah questioning why all the bad things happen to him. In addition to his crappy parents, Jonah has put up with years of a co-dependent relationship with Richard who is the entitled, rich boy who has fits of rage that often results in bloody fists and the broken noses of his targets. The referee between the two guys is Sasha, Richard’s long time girlfriend, who is also just as much of Jonah’s loyal friend as Rich