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Lets go back to Halloween 2018 when I was suffering a particularly bad case of post Halloween depression. I turned on the Homicidal Homemaker's latest Lost Boys themed vlog and was instantly drawn to the three tall dudes in leather jackets, towering over Kaci and all with the enthusiasm only the real Lost Boys could pull off. I couldn't blink because the video was so well made and I became not only thirsty for the drinks the four were concocting but, thirsty for more about who these guys were! Their energy attracted me and I instantly download all six albums of the greatest horror punk band of our time. CALABRESE!

Throughout 2019, I looked into what I could about the group. Jimmy, Bobby and Davey are brothers and their musical influences range from The Misfits to Type O Negative. I kept an eye on the messages Calabrese sent via Bandsintown hoping to catch the three brothers at a local show when their new album dropped. Then the tour news came along with with their highly anticipated newest album, Flee the Light. September 6th came, the album was downloaded and since that was the also the start of the Haunt season, there wasn't a more perfect introduction into an epic Halloween. But, I quickly learned that although the Calabrese boys love their skeleton tees, coffins, spider webs and pumpkin pails, their music isn't exclusive to Halloween. Their melodies and dark lyrics can sustain us goths, punks and psycho-billies well throughout our everyday life.

Flash forward to October 12, 2019 and here I am in the midst of probably the best Halloween season of my life, it was only perfect to add Calabrese to my October to-do list. On top of the fact I was about to see Bobby, Jimmy and Davey live, the band made it almost a must that us fans wear our costumes! Halloween party with Calabrese! Hell yea! A few days before the show, I had the idea to practice getting used to rejections for interviews for my blog. So, I reached out to @Calabrese666. I was expecting to be ignored or directed to a manager of the pit of Calabrese's public relations. But, oh no! I got an almost instant response from Davey himself!!! He said, "Yes, the answer is yes!" Queue the heavy breathing! This was happening! I almost passed out because if you know me by now, I am a psycho fan ghoul who usually has no problems talking her ear off unless confronted with talking with a celebrity or musician. And this was to be my first video interview. With Davey Calabrese. Are you kidding me?!

Day of the show, I arrived at La Santa in Santa Ana, CA, my adrenaline was pumping as I got in line. Thankfully, I was met with a super welcoming fellow Calabrese fan dressed in a classic vampire costume. He gave me candy and we chatted all things Calabrese. I also learned from chatting with other fans that, they came as far as San Francisco and Chicago to come see Calabrese. Their shows are legend! What a fan base to be part of! This still didn't help ease my nerves because Jimmy and Bobby kept walking by. I froze in place and stopped breathing a few times. I wasn't sure I could pull this interview off. You guys, its Calabrese! The Midnight Spookshow masters. "And in the End...I Am Nothing" kept running though my head when I eventually approached Davey. Damn it these guys are tall! I began to sweat but, I was led into the Green Room and here we go....

That was something! But, in the end I learned that Calabrese is the one band who takes as much time with their fans as they can. It can't be easy being self-made and so damn good at performing but, let me tell you, these guys couldn't be any friendlier and still put on a killer show! It was no wonder boils and ghouls travel far and wide to have their faces melted. It was hard not to mosh (I had my Strangecvlt creepers on) I sang and danced throughout the show. Jimmy and Bobby eat your heart out. Calabrese's energy never eased and I cannot wait to see them again!

I have to once again thank Davey for his time and patience with me. I couldn't have asked for a better Goatman to do my first interview with. You can download "Flee the Light" now on iTunes and Spotify!

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