Hellsir666 Purge Night 2020

During the past eight weeks, California has been dry, hotter than it's been in many years and, literally on fucking fire. The pandemic is still in full-spread and, we are more divided than ever. But, before all that, Sal and Claire of Hellsir666 had made the decision to sell all of their Yard Display wares and, focus on another project. I didn't expect the couple to change their minds as Spooky Season loomed. Then, out of nowhere Hellsir666 announced they are doing a "little something" for the community.

This "little" something isn't little at all. It's a massive and, 2020 accurate Yard Display that should be capturing the attention of Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights. It felt so familiar and, so Haunty! All it's missing is the fire torches and, thats ok! California has had enough fire for many lifetimes.

Located in conservative Rancho Cucamonga, Hellsir666 has been at the elaborate yard display game for years and, have always been a breath of fresh frog's breath in this otherwise cookie-cutter, unremarkable town. I feel like Sal and Claire have paved the way for other home haunts and, yard displays that have sprinkled the City in recent years.

Hellsir666 has been superb in years past but, there's something so "fuck you" about this year's Purge Night 2020 theme. The "looted" liquor store facade is about 12 to 15 feet high. There are TV projections to give the impression that the building is on fire. The familiar funeral carriage has been converted as a prop for the "Carnival of Flesh"area. The entire display is dotted with familiar characters from the Purge film's and, the attention to detail is ridiculous. It's so good, Sal told me a typical Rancho Cucamongian thought it was a tribute to 'Merica (it kind of is just not for Karen's reason of thinking ) and, was shocked to find out this was for Halloween and, not a voting center.

Sal commutes half-way across California for work and has been steadily building the display in 100 plus degree temperatures for weeks in order to have this prime display up by opening weekend. With Claire by his side and, hammering away herself, the couple has once again, nailed it!

This is an elaborate yard display that is great for photo opps just be sure to take heed of the signs posted. Social distancing and, mask wearing are required if you get out of your car to take pics. Don't be dicks and crowd near each other as there is plenty of space for everyone to spread out. Hellsir666 has also dedicated this year's display in memory of Robert Santos of Neurotic Creations.

I also, just realized the message on the sign states, " It's not much but, we hope you enjoy it...." I guess when you are a big-ass dude like Sal, everything looks like "not much."

Just out of the kindness, love for the community and, love for Halloween, Hellsir666 put blood, sweat and, copious amounts of cussing into this amazing display. I haven't even mentioned the Display is free of charge. Sal and Claire didn't have to do this at all so, to have done so says a lot about how rad Sal and Claire are and, how vital they are to the to the Haunt community. This makes Hellsir666 one of my top - favorite displays of 2020. I, Michelle Halloween, give Hellsir666 5 pumpkins.

You can see Hellsir666 Purge Night 2020 yourself.

10522 Lemon Ave, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91737

Now through October 31st.

Sun-Thurs: 6pm-10pm

Fri & Sat: 6pm - Midnight

Visit Hellsir666 on Instagram @hellsir666

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