I'm Baaaaaack!

I’ve been so busy! Writing, listening to music and, so SO much more.

This week, check out my new IG project called:

Who’s Keeping It Spooky?

Each week, I will feature an individual who truly lives and breathes for Halloween 365. You’ve been informed that Halloween is a lifestyle for some of us and this series will prove it.

The Godzilla vs. Kong trailer is still on repeat at The Devil’s Whorehouse. I have some theories about this much anticipated film. March 31st can’t come soon enough. You can read my rant Wednesday, February 3rd.

Music is a huge part of my daily routine and, I have been so lucky to come across and befriend some talented musicians. @tragicvision has been flirting with my ears and, teasing my peepers with glimpses into their studios. I’ll be highlighting their journey up till and, well beyond their first release.

It may come as a surprise for some of these but, I also have some upcoming features and reviews with @creaturepreachers @themysterics @thirteentheband @visionvideoband and more! SURPRISE!

That mushy holiday known as Valentine’s Day is approaching so, I added some blood. Keep an eye out for my upcoming blogs about V-Day and, what I really think it should be called.

One of the the best thing to come out of 2020 is connecting and befriending other black horror fans. I am continuing my blog series African American Goth History X this month as well as highlighting Black Horror Personalities and Influencers. As my friend @ky-fx says “Support Black Horror!

The Rawl of the Dead Magazine is back in production! You'll be able to take a look behind the lens at all of Rawls horror and goth themed photo shoots. There are so many Gore-geous models and, new content. Keep an eye out for the March/April issue coming in a few weeks. @rawlofthedead

And that’s not all. The Michelle Halloween Show will be back at months end. A whole new show with a new segment called Haunt Horror-Scope hosted by none other than @avenueobscurca and will feature all of your favorite Haunters! The special guests have been interviewed and I cannot wait for you to see who.

Last but, not least I have come out of my shell and will be sharing my written works. I’ll be sharing poems written from my very soul, mind, heart and, even from my magick portal. Essays, about whatever is on my morbid mind and, excerpts from my upcoming novellas.

Thank you all for your continued support and, love. Be sure to subscribe to my website so you don’t miss a thing!

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