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Coming in smoking hot from tranquil San Diego, California, is Horror-punk (and pink) band,

The Writhers, with their second album, In One Gulp. If you are fans of Blitzkid, Calabrese and, The Cramps, you’re going to “rip arms out and, knock teeth in” for this one!

In One Gulp comes just over a year after The Writhers first album Ghastly Reminders was released. The newer band didn’t let COVID keep them from writhing; I mean, writing and, recording In One Gulp in a safe and, socially distant manner. The quality of the sound was not compromised by any means. With six tracks of spooky mayhem, In One Gulp stays true to the unique sound and, energy that encapsulates The Writhers.

Accordion and, Vocals master Robert Writhe, with his varying voice belts melodies that make face smashing sound sexy. Not since Lux Interior was there a tone like Robert’s. Add in the fast strumming of Chewy Morsel’s guitar, Kenny Wolfsbane Bass playing and, heart-exploding drums from RikkRTreat and, you have what I can describe as; a Halloween/Horror-punk party all In One Gulp. I can’t help myself with the puns.

The Writher’s are wild! I was curious as to how The Writher’s would pull off the spookiness in releasing In One Gulp after Halloween 2020. While everyday is Halloween for the Horror-punk community, The Writher’s timing of the release is impeccable. "Devil Mask Approaches" gives a brooding and fast-paced intro before going into what we all want to be doing after going hard all of October, "Rot Rot Rot".

In One Gulp features six, very random tracks about harsh depression, aliens, stalker tendencies and, long gone lovers. So, if you want to keep things weird and, spooky in your playlist, The Writher’s have you covered.

I have to thank The Writhers, Robert, Chewy, Rikk and Kenny for delighting us with another kick-ass album!

Writhe or Die!

You can order In One Gulp Friday, November 6. Be sure to check out The Writhers on Instagram @thewrithers , YouTube and, be sure to support this coming up fast band with some pink and black merch.

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