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Updated: Feb 1

Yea, yea we live in crazy times. We're often too busy to pay our imagination any mind. Even as we lay in bed and our nightmares take us to horror land, we forget the journey before morning coffee. Theres deadlines to worry about. Budgets to meet. Reality is a fear in itself. This adulting and lack of imagination has spawned a flood of horror movie re-makes and re-boots. I don't know about you, but, I am always craving new and scary content to help me escape the every day.

I do love re-visting my favorite horror flicks time after time. Even my digital copies of my favorites appear to show signs of wear and tear. I still get excited when Sam slashes that chic's throat with a simple lollipop in Trick R Treat. After seeing Hereditary in the theater, I couldn't help but chain smoke in the parking lot and question my existence. I bought Hereditary but, I can't get through it a second time because it makes me feel chillingly uncomfortable. This ghoul is still obsessed with The VVitch. Yes, I want to live deliciously!

However, I feel like we have been bombarded with remakes of some of our beloved horror films and very rarely has it worked out. Most times I am pissed that the original was fucked with in the first place when I see a trailer drop. Obviously, IT 2017 was a colossal hit. I had my first eye orgasm during the garage scene. But, I don't define it as a remake or reboot. Evil Dead 2013 is another example of a phenomenal re-make/re-boot. It was scary and oh so bloody and all I can think about every time I watch it, is how much blood there is. Did you know milk had to be used in the original 1981 film due to budget constrictions? Mind-blowing and still a classic!

I am no big-wig movie corporation business expert by any means but, I would love to see the money wasted on shit like the Pet Semetary remake be put into more independent films like Terrifier. Perhaps thats what made Terrifier and the films below, so good. They didn't need big studio funding to tarnish the vision of the artists who created the following flicks. It took good ol' fashion hard work and raw imagination to manifest these gems. I am making it a point to immerse myself in more Indy Horror films because I believe that is where I will find new all the new scares. So, if you're like me and need something new to watch give these flicks a watch. You may find yourself with a new favorite horror staple that follows in the footsteps of Trick-R-Treat. Support Indy Horror! Let me know if you have seen any of these and please share your favorite Indy Horror flicks!

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