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The tickets for the IT Chapter 2 Experience dropped at 9am July 30th. My fancy laptop and phone were not capable of handling https://www.theitexperiencechaptertwo.com during the surge of users trying to nab the free tickets. While I refused to give up and frantically kept hitting the refresh key while doing the same on my phone, my good spooky buddy offered to help via our Instagram direct message and was successful in obtaining two tickets for Friday, August 30 at 6pm for me. Yea! And fucking huge “THANK YOU” Josh!

Flash forward to the day of my reservation and a bunch of back and forth on who I was taking to the Experience, I arrived excited and a bit disheartened because I couldn’t make a night out of my time in Hollywood. I’ve been told I am insatiable. It’s true, like Pennywise himself, I can’t get enough when it’s my time to feed. So, its about 5:30pm and I am waiting with my Son on the side walk on Vine anxiously awaiting my ghoul Batty’s arrival. Me being me, I chatted with a few kids who were waiting for their family members to come out of the experience. Why were children not allowed? Was it because of the risk of Pennywise tempting and feasting on their fears? I had to nod to their adult escorts who still went through the experience and just left their kids on the street per se. Despite my imagination, the kids were really in their upper teens but, the event does have an age restriction. Basically, the Rated R movie restriction but, not even a consenting adult over the age of twenty one would be able to get their kids in. The security during our timeframe was not having it. I felt like I kept getting scolded for stepping in the middle of the sidewalk too much. I was obstructing the path, then my friends purse was too big, then my tiny backpack was too big to take into the experience. So, my son made a few trips back to the car to keep placing our items in. I had to sarcastically ask if my wallet, which is metal and has a lighter attached to it would be ok to take in. Hell, were the car Keys ok to take in? I am also pretty sure most of the security was high and were seeing things slightly out of scope. I got scolded more than fuck if I can remember. But, ultimately me, my buddy Batty and my son made to the inside line of the experience to sign waivers. I again was scolded for stepping over a white line and then accused of not signing my waiver when I did. I needed a drink. They at least offered water.

We were welcomed by a carnival guide who told us some of us wont make it out of the experience alive. Promises, promises. Outside of the fun house we could play some carnival games. I particularly loved squirting water into Pennywise’s mouth. Love when I get that opportunity to do the squirting *wink*. As usual I lost every game (my squirting skills need some work). Once everyone had their chance to play all three games we were escorted onto the ramp that was to lead us into the maze part of the experience. As usual, I was busy talking and not really listening to the rules so it was no surprise Batty and I kept getting the “hurry up ladies” gesture from our guide while we took our time taking pictures and marveling at the details of the fun house. I tried my best to see if I could stay standing when I purposely got hit by the swinging glow in the dark clowns. In the hall of mirrors I didn’t become disoriented as I had hoped I would. But, I was happy to discover Georgie lurking behind me when I turned my phone around to take a selfie. Then came the glow in the dark room where a scare actor blended into the walls. He was to be the focus of that part of the maze. That was until it was discovered that my dreds were glowing! Que the selfies! AGAIN. My dreads where GLOWING IN THE DARK! Why would I not make it about me? I took one pic of the scare actor and went back to my little photo shot.

I missed a bit of what our guide said but I know he led us into the old lady’s living room. The details of the scene, from what I could tell were very spot on just on a small scale. The lights went out and the scene you see in the first trailer where the old lady comes stomping at Beverly was to happen. Instead it was some creature. I was a bit let down. A naked old lady would have totally thrown me off and mortified me. And did I mention, I didn’t get offered any cookies during our visit?

On to the next room. Clowns in boxes.

On to the next room. The Chinese food restaurant scene. This was really cool as there were roaches and rats that looked a bit too real scurrying on the walls and the table. The guide asked some in the group to read the fortune cookies and they did and I kept taking pics. I loved the the decapitated head in the fish tank!

We moved through a section of sewer with loud bass that reminded Batty of the club.

A scare actor scared. No Pennywise.

The next small bit of the maze caused some claustrophobia for my Son. It was a path obstructed by giant air bags. They were easy to move through but, my son wasn’t feeling any better when we ended up in a large cage.

Que another scare actor.

Let me add that I am not discounting any of these replicated scenes. I know I will be enlightened when I see the film. I am only discounting a few of the scare actors as I am going to assume they will not be in the movie. However, I couldn’t help for wonder when Pennywise would make his appearance. The lack of his presence brought up a slight concern. Not because I was worried he would jump out at any moment (I took a glance around anyways) but because earlier this week I watched @mrdeathbreath’s spoiler free review on the film. I agree with most of his movie reviews so, I trust the guy when he also noted something similar in his review. Are you getting what I am trying hard to not say?

Lastly, the herd was moved into another small area that offers the illusion we were under bleachers. I had a few seconds to ponder the times I had under the bleachers, which I had none, and moved onto memories of episodes of Shameless where some good and cringe worthy scenes under the bleachers happened. But, my reminiscing was halted because the guide was talking again. I didn’t hear him before the bleachers began to shake violently. For a good while. I thought it was overkill. And then Pennywise came barreling out! Sharp teeth blaring he got in the faces of the group before disappearing and not feasting on any of my fears. Thats probably because I had no fears. This experience was not scary. But, what is for me? Thats a discussion for another post. And that was the end of the experience. We all survived. Back to reality.

Since my son won a game, he was able to spin the wheel for a prize. Not a bad selection in my opinion. I would have been happy with a bag of popcorn kernels. Shirts were bought and more pics were taken. The time is now 7pm.

So, what I took from the experience was just that. It was an experience. I missed the chance, and refused the stand by option when the Niebolt House stood in the same location just two years ago. I can brag that I survived the Derry Canal Days Festival. My fingers are crossed and I’m on my knees begging to the universe the movie is good. This years horror movies have been a bit of a let down. I know it will not compare to the thrill I felt watching Chapter 1 but just seeing Pennywise in action on the big screen again HAS to be worth the wait, right? My boys, adopted daughters and myself will be watching Chapter 2 on Thursday, September 5th at 10:15pm. We’re ready to float!

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