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If only I could have seen IT Chapter 2 at an earlier time. But, I am a flexible Mom and wanted to wait to see the movie with as many of my willing kids as possible. Motherly sacrifices, ya know? So, after my mourning gym routine, if you call it a routine, I went to Party City for a dozen red balloons and some IT decor. Just to get me all excited. I played the IT Chapter one soundtrack while I wrote and made some Chinese food for dinner.

Finally! Movie time has arrived! When my oldest Son, Corey opens his Reese’s Pieces and the whole bag basically explodes, we know we’re in for a good movie. The bag and Reese’s Pieces remained in tact during the previews. So, I had a feeling the movie wouldn’t be as epic as Chapter 1. I did not expect the same thrills, chills and goosebumps for Chapter 2 as I experienced during Chapter 1. I can only seem to experience one horror whore orgasm once every ten years. Also, after reading the book, I knew what to expect and I knew the most disturbing and weird things in the book would not make it into the movie. It wouldn’t have been legal. And even too inappropriate for me. So, yes, I just knew. At first, I thought it was because I am having a hard time enjoying pretty much anything these days. Thank you depression. But, the movie was long and more of a drama than a horror flick. Pennywise was not in the movie as much as I was hoping and even when he was, it wasn’t always Bill Skarsgard himself, it was a CGI version of him. And not the best CGI for such a high budget film. Damn it! I miss practical and imaginative special effects so much! It also felt like the writing and direction was trying to recreate the same jump scares as Chapter 1. I felt more anxiety during all the red balloon scenes. Balloons about to pop are terrifying!

Let me stop complaining so much.

The film did have enjoyable elements. Like unholy shit, was Eddie not hilarious and oh so snarky? Pennywise’s graphic killings gave me the little doses of horror I was hoping for. Especially, how there was no holding back on the kids. I almost missed the little girl get scarfed down because I had to pee, but I made it back just in time. We got full feast mode. And a lot of CGI blood. And if any company decides to create and sell Spider Head Stanley, take my money! I went full nerd and took notes on the shot outs to other Stephen King’s classic horror works. His cameo also made go psycho fan ghoul mode. And of corpse, looking at my Son Corey and saying, “We did that!” During the scenes recreated at the IT Chapter 2 Experience made the three hour movie feel more interactive.

Overall, IT Chapter 2 was necessary in order to complete the terrifying story of the Loser’s Club. Chapter 1 will forever remain a staple in my horror favorites lists. Chapter 2 will be its accessory.

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