Let's Cancel Valentine's Day And Replace It With...

Halloweeniers love to hate Valentine's Day. We have clever poems and, memes aplenty to express our desire to spare us the mushy jewelry and, chocolate commercials, and just give us a second Halloween. We roll with it and, add in some horror couple influences and, blood to the mix. After all, Valentine's Day was derived from Lupercalia, a sexually charged violent and bloody celebration. There was random matchmaking, lots of fucking and it was all done to ward off evil spirits and, infertility. Sex Magick! Oversexed and, Lilith possessed humans, like myself, use the day to exploit raucous sexual activities which makes me wonder, "why not replace Valentine's Day with Vagina Day?"

We are already subjected to an International "Something" Day as it is. Like, every fucking day I hear its a day to recognize a thing. Some are quite informative and, beneficial. So, in line with celebrating the complicated emotion, let's also educate and, celebrate the very organ that creates and holds life itself. Vagina's are a glimpse of the Universe. Pussy Power is a movement. No one coochie is alike. It's strong enough to take on things that enter and, exit it. Yet, it's fragile and, can be murderous. Soft as a rose petal and rough as sand paper; the vagina is a wonder deserving of more respect and, attention.

Throughout history, women were conditioned to hide away and, not speak of their pussies. It's no surprise men were the culprits of this training as they were aware of how magickal the vagina is and, it threatened their illusion of dominance. Being their source of pleasure and, genetic lineage of corpse, they laid claim to this entity of delight. When women discovered they can unleash the secrets to the universe with our orgasms we, it can't be denied we came into our own. Again, no wonder why men's egos are fed to the highest extent. The words, "Yes, you made me cum " will send men into power trips. They can't really claim this power source on their own, so they will be responsible for being its only source of pleasure.

Silly men. We pleasure ourselves just fine, if not better, than you ever can. We pleasure each others vaginas just fine as well. Its, ok. Some of us still enjoy having you in for a visit.

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Very mature coming-of-age shows like Big Mouth exploit while inducing curiosity about masturbating penises and vaginas. When I was an adolescent, it was shameful for a girl to masturbate but, quite ok for a dude to jerk off. So, it makes me proud and, a bit envious, of the generation below me to have the freedom to talk about self-pleasure.

The vagina is an organic machine. A woman's menstruation is quite a fascinating bodily function. It self-cleanses during every phase of the moon. Sadly, the monthly visit from Aunt Flow has historically tricked women into being ashamed of it. Periods were meant to be kept private and, it was considered "unclean. In Southpark: Bigger, Longer ,and Uncut , Mr. Garrison is famously quoted saying "I don't trust anything that bleeds for three to five days, and doesn't die." When I saw and, heard this, everyone around me laughed. I was quite offended. Fucking men and, their misogynistic "jokes." The truth is, our periods are meant to be honored, respected and celebrated. In ancient cultures, menstruation was a hallowed time due to it's alignment with the moon phases and, it was known that it was the time women were able to harness ethereal energies. How can menstruation be considered anything less than magick when we are able to sync our cycles with each other?

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Unfortunately, this sacred tradition has been twisted into a means of invalidating the magick of the menses. Even in modern culture, menstruating women in Nepal are forced to sleep in huts behind their home during their moon cycle. When did modern cultures decide that a woman's natural flow with nature, with the moon, become dirty and, culturally inappropriate?

It's important to note that not all women experience period bliss. Humiliation from peers is not the only betrayal to a woman having her period. Excruciating pain caused by dysmenorrhea to the "disease of theories" better known as Endometriosis, can make periods unappealing and, not sacred at all. The vagina is powerful one way or the other. The organs attached to it that make it the Earthly machine that is is can work against a woman. Yes, we bleed and don't die. That makes us worthy of respect and, not mistrust. However, I am not going to convince men not to fear the menses. That's part of taking down the patriarchy.

It is time to normalize vagina health. As openly as we do breast health. While breast and, skin cancer are the most common types of cancers amongst American women, cervical and, ovarian cancer are silent killers. Too often are they detected too late. Preventative care is essential in order to identify the silent killers. Those who cannot obtain health care or, simply want to obtain information about STI's but, fear outside influences need places like Planned Parenthood in order to keep their pussy power functioning long into their Crone phase. Our vagina's need the attention we would give the children we bear. In my perfect vision of Vagina Day, this is what would be highlighted above all.

In my experiences as a sexually active teenager and, even into adulthood, cis-males were all that were plentiful and, I didn't experience my first orgasm until one stuck around long enough for me to get used to his body and, movements before I could experience the "little death" with assistance. Yet, when I was with other woman, it came effortlessly. It came, or should I say I could and, can achieve an orgasm effortlessly by myself. I do recall thinking something was wrong with me because the only time I could "get there" was when there was clitoral stimulation. It was mansplained over and over again how when a man hit the G-spot, a woman would experience euphoria. Turns out most men still don't realize that 70 - 80% of humans with a vulva need clitoral stimulation in order to achieve orgasm. Hitting the G-spot is no myth, though. Orgasm can be achieved by stimulating any part of the body but, the one place that transcends pleasure and, life on earth comes from the clit. I can best describe the feeling as; it feels like one, or a few, of what Jango Fett's famous seismic charges looks like.

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Know that I am not knocking down the peen. But, that feeling is sporadic when shared yet, always achieved when I do it myself. Once, I am brought back from that trip, I give gratitude to my vagina. It's bad ass to have one and, certainly nothing to be ashamed of. Despite giving birth to four children, my vagina has not failed me in the pleasure and, magick producing areas. As my body has shifted into many phases, my vagina has always remained youthful and, is as, if not more, vibrant than when I was in my maiden phase.

I hate that I have to emphasize that my relationship with my vagina and, our experiences together are not an invitation for you curious creeps to make unsolicited offers of penile pleasure. Not without a cost anyhow. If you wanna see it, visit my linktree. I am in love with and, care deeply for my portal to the universe. Respect that or, the next time I perform sex magick I have no shame in hexing any fucker who thinks he and his rusty key is worthy of my source of magick.

I totally just dropped the mic, didn't I?

This fleshy rose bud of an organ; the self lubricating vagina is ultimate muse for artistic vision and, poetry. It's mistreatment has led to a modern movement to kill of the patriarchy that seeks to abuse, punish and, oppress it for their own pleasure. Using the pussy's very power, its allure, to establish dominance over men has been a moment in my life where I am proud to be alive at such a time. The deafening roar of the Divine Feminine has been so loud, I've seen men fall to their knees and, sacrifice their egos in order to pay respects to the very organ than transported them to this realm. Though loud and, incredibly difficult to ignore, pussies are still be oppressed in the U.S. and, around the world. If you are a person with a vagina, and feeling the serpent stirring in you while reading this, let me implore you to give into your vag. Set yourself free. As my sexy ass friend Roxy put it, "The world is going to judge you no matter what you do. So, you live your life the way you fucking want to." May as enjoy your pussy, Sis. The world isn't getting any kinder. Do what makes you feel good. Just be safe.

By now, it should make sense why Vagina Day should have it's own holiday. It actually does exist. On October 19 but, we're already booked with Halloween festivities and, its also Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Vagina Day is easily overlooked. Besides, how many vagina's are put into action on February 14th? Imagine the amount of pussy power being unleashed in one night all in the name of love or, even vengeful love. Vagina's react to heartache and, distress on any given day. So, why not show it some extra care and, offer educational resources? And self-pleasure. We already have powerful pussy power songs, visual and, performative arts that highlight Cha-chas of all kinds. Imagine a day we can share stories about our relationships with our Bajina's without being censored and, judged by those offended by it's existence. So, while we Spooky people are advocating for a second Halloween, let us also consider an day to celebrate and, create art, music, films and, make toasts to all Vagina's.

P.S. In case you missed my obvious hints, again...

For more of my personal input about vaginas, visit my Linktree

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