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Try not singing the catchy introduction song to the infamous movie and play "Little Shop, Little Shop of Horrors. Now don't ya stop..." while walking into Little Shop of Hairdo's located in Historic Downtown Upland, California. I discovered this Halloween and Horror themed salon back in the Spring of 2018 when my Daughter was looking to have her hair "unicorned" for her birthday. Like fate, my google search for "vivid hair in the Inland Empire" led me directly to Little Shop of Hairdo's.

Upon arriving at Little Shop of Hairdo's I was already whipping my phone out to take photos of the sign. A HORROR THEMED SALON. Oh my Goth did I just find my place in the world?

It seems I had because now, I am a regular client. I love getting my hair did at Little Shop of Hairdo's! The stylists have been so much fun to spend hours with. I consider myself their official Salon Stalker. Just kidding! Not really. The stylists have become dear friends of mine and I am proud to say we hang out outside of the shop as well. And this talented crew can do some hair! From vivid colors to one of a kind styles, Little Shop has it all. The salon is not limited to just hair. It also offers micro-blading and get your nails done. An even more unique quality the shop is an art gallery curated by local artists.

If you happen to make to the salon before Xmas, you can marvel at the Killer Kristmas display!

Little Shop of Hairdos is owned by Tammy Rapp. Tammy can be seen bustling around the shop carefully and intensely adding to the art and making spooky creations of her own. With her own two hands she created the famous Tim Burton themed bathroom and check out her modified spooky mermaid. Tami is a nightmare come true small business owner as quoted by the staff and myself, of corpse.

And speaking of the staff, let me introduce you to each one!

Ashley @ashleymarie_hair is my stylist! This talented ghoul may look fierce but she is the sweetest and most soft spoken sweetheart. Ashley loves Disneyland and Chris Pratt. Her favorite horror movies include Jaws and The Shining. Ashley specializes in Vivid Color and nails

Sophie @sophie_scissorhands is Little Shop of Hairdo's antichrist superstar. She is not a vegan and has a tattoo of Paymon on her hand. Sophie is a Goth Goddess and specializes in everything from color to Brazilian blow outs.

Andrew @badandrewdamien set me on fire back in August. He manifested my vision perfectly. Always a joy to be around, Andrew's sweetness is intoxicating. From blonding, cutting, and braiding Andrew is killer at everything he does.

Larrabie @hairabee is petite, yet fierce personality in Little Shop of Hairdos. Specializing in creative cuts and styles, she is a true visual artist. Her impressive styles are unique to say the least. She is a woman willing to learn something new at any given moment. And, of corpse, so much fun to chat with.

Megan @_mugs is a heart stealer. Megan is punk rock and specializes in, well everything. An animal lover as well as a Halloween and Horror convention fan, Megan is a riot to be around.

Kat @catloveshair is another quiet yet fierce artist. Hell, she rocked out at Calabrese's show in platform sandals. A passionate mother and dedicated stylist, Cat is a gem. Her talent also ranges from, color, balayage to Brazilian Blow Outs and cuts.

Jose @dopestyles_ can cut into anything. No, he's not vicious. Witchy AF, Jose is a talented Barber and color specialist.

If you have ever considered having your hair done by one of these superstars, I would recommend you do so. Live your life. I can assure you'll love the outcome, feel like a new person and have a great time doing so! You can view each stylists profile and booking policies on Instagram. Or just stop by, introduce yourself and take a look around. After all, every day is Halloween and Halloween is every day at Little Shop of Hairdos.

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