As it light

So it is dark

Revere the balance in it's moment

Drink the red wine and eat the forbidden apple

Adorn your limbs with the fallen leaves

For the time has come to celebrate the coming darkness


Ahhhhhh the Autumn Equinox! The moment where the daylight and the beloved night are in equal balance. The beginning of Fall is my favorite season. The pumpkins are bountiful. Apples taste more sinfully sweet. I want to stuff my cheeks with nuts...

You can almost hear the witches reveling in the woods and smell the dead leaves as they blow away in the wind.

Almost. I live in Southern California and it is set to be a ninety degree day. Then there's the fact that COVID is still a thing. No matter! I will celebrate the coming darkness in the comfort of my home. The ultimate place to reap the benefits of all I have harvested this year. Think about all the seeds you planted. The intentions you set. This is a moment of perfect balance and, an opportune time to share your gratitude. Release what is no longer serving you so that you may rest and, reflect and, be at ease during winter.

The coming darkness you ask? This is not meant to sound ominous or evil. But, then again a little debauchery keeps the spirit alive. No, I am referring to the shorter days and longer nights. Oh, beloved black skies and cooler temperatures; how I have missed you!

In Michellehalloween tradition, I'll whip up a large cauldron of Turkey Pumpkin Chili and pumpkin bread while watching the Nightmare Before Christmas. I think this year I will add mugs of hot chocolate topped with whipped cream, candy corn and Halloween sprinkles. All while in an AC cooled kitchen. None of it tastes right if the temperature is above 75 degrees.

This is the time of year for us witches and pagans to "reap what we have sown" So, take this time to chill or do something that feels relaxing or fuck it and have a night of fun! You worked hard all year and now is the time to enjoy it! Drink all the wine, eat all the vegetable soup (Just know it tastes better if you use seasonal veggies) and indulge in some self gratification. YOU DESERVE IT!

And, if you're a night reveler, may I offer you a place by my side as I welcome the coming darkness.

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