NEON GODS by Katee Robert

Neon Gods

Reader Discretion advised - the following contains strong sexual content as only Michelle Halloween can express....

I had to keep a towel next to my side of the bed and my OnlyFan's Subscribers sure did reap some of the benefits from reading that steamy, sexy spin on Persephone's and Hades' beginning! Unholy smokes! Neon Gods was written by Katee Roberts and I'd love to know where, and how she researched for she to be able to convey the fucking between them. It's as if the fearsome couple wrote it themselves. I am getting turned on just typing this out. Neon Gods takes to a reality where Olympus is just another part of America. It is cut off from the rest of us though. Robert's rendition of Persephone blew me away and I have a new found curiosity about the Goddess of Spring and The Underwold. You still wont catch me wearing a yellow dress with daisy's but, damn, she was fierce! I loved every page of this one. I have my friend Ian Lovecraft @semiautomagick to thank for this recommendation. I will read anything else you have to suggest!

More book reviews coming soon...

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