Many large cooperations are doing their very best to keep from getting "cancelled during Pride month this year. Have you noticed that? So are many small businesses, and I can't help but wonder how many are simply displaying a rainbow just to keep from getting asked uncomfortable questions about their true stance on Pride.

As a Queer weirdo myself, I love to learn about what makes other human beings feel like themselves. I am an advocate, safe-person, and long time activist within the LGBTQIA+ community. In fact, I have always advocated to let queer-be-queer. Pride month has always been a month to celebrate Pride and consume as much Queer education and history as I can.

When I say "Unmask from the routine and make it Halloween everyday" I mean it! Be yourself despite what society, organized religion, and professions says you have to be! Too many of us have been oppressed because of the color of our skin, culture, gender and sexual orientation. Now, more than ever, we need to highlight creatives who celebrate Pride in all it's colors but, especially Black Trans Women. I also believe it's important to know who you are celebrating Pride Month with. Ask yourself the following....

"There are Queers of all kinds at this club, but does the promoter truly believe in Pride or is just capitalizing on the movement?"

"They have a Pride flag and some merch, but are these business owners paying their Queer employees equally and giving them opportunities to grow?"

"Will these creatives, content creators, artists, etc. be given the same recognition and opportunities after June?"

Adding to the fact that it's Pride month, Juneteenth is a shared celebration that Queers are embracing as well. Last Juneteenth, I ventured out to a picnic being held by local Black Lives Matters organizers, to celebrate and become more informed about the movement and how I could be a better ally. I was moved to tears when one of the Leaders acknowledged his own lack of Pride before and wanted everyone to begin including every precious Black life including Black Trans Women.

Black Trans Lives Matter!

That's what I am talking about!

So, when you head out to Pride festivities this weekend, take a closer look and become more knowledgable about the Queers you'll surround yourself with. Here are a few event's I have found that truly celebrate Pride 365 as much as they do Halloween


MHP Haunt is hosting a L.A. Pride Haunt Experience.

Visit @mhphaunt

Horror In Color is hosting a Horror-themed celebration LGBTQIA+ Friday, June 18th from 5-9:30pm. There will be treats, drinks and performances within this epic Speakeasy. Find out more here.

Nightmare Market presents Gothic Pride Edition. There will be Dark Arts, Oddities, and Crafts. Oh, and some rad DJ Sets. Entry is Free.

For more visit @nightmaremkt


Now, I have done some research and would like to attend a few of these event's. At this time, I haven't found any bullshittery or profiteers within these organizations. So, this is an ongoing list until I see these myself. PNW peeps, it may be warm this weekend but, theres no lack of Pride or Juneteenth celebrations! has a full list of safe events online and in-person for the rest of June.

pdxpipeline has an extensive list of Juneteeth happenings that also include Queer and BIPOC collaborations.

Have I mentioned how much I love living here?

I would like to dedicate this blog post to the company that keeps it Halloween Every Day and does so with Pride year in and year out.


Peep the 2021 Pride collection and keep it Creepy!

Unmask From The Routine and Make It Halloween (with Pride) Everyday.

-Michelle Halloween

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