Prism Home Haunt 2020

The pandemic silenced the screams that would have been tearing through the air right now. The sparks from the sliders aren't flaring up where we can see and, the flickering lights of the special effects are dark. Home haunts suffered the same fate and, many of these home haunts opted for yard displays. I had my small list of Spooky Home displays to visit but then, a little pumpkin sent David, the creator of Prism Home Haunt to me. He had something I needed to see.

I didn't want to know what I was walking into, so I did not indulge in any social media spoilers about Prism. When I arrived at the cross street of the display, I drove past the ghoul in the lab coat as I thought she was simply telling us where to park. I drove up the street to see lights piercing the air and, fog billowing. Based on the little I saw while finding a parking spot, I was reminded of Disneyland quality effects. Once again, I felt the familiar excitement of knowing I was about to be entertained despite 2020's bullshit. As I walked up to the house, I was a bit concer