Queen Mary Dark Harbor

Opinions vary about The Queen Mary's Dark Harbor but, anyone who goes this year cannot deny the actually haunted attraction has outdone themselves. I visited Dark Harbor last year after not visiting for at least ten years in between and had a great time then. Yet, this year was even better. Perhaps it was because of the killer deal my group got. Maybe it was because we got there well before the gates opened. Or could it have been that I actually felt uncomfortable and lived an actual nightmare? It all comes down to the fact that it was a more than satisfying hauntingly evening. Let me tell you all about it!

I often get anxiety heading to Long Beach. It's like the end of the Earth in my perspective and being it was a Friday night, I was worried about getting there too late and missing the opening presentation and waiting in long lines. Then I had to remind myself that we had Fast Fright on top of our general admission. Dark Harbor has some cool line options. You can pay for Evil Express which offers no wait. Fast Fright for minimal wait and then General Admission and you will wait until you die and become part of the attraction.

But, the afternoon flowed. You see, I had a group of six. After dropping a ticket off and picking up a ghoul-friend and getti