Music heals. It's the art form that allows the artist to express their inner turmoil, rage, despair, love and transformation. While our ears take in the sung poetry, the artist spends day and night, adjusting their sound to match what they are feeling.

In 2019 Melody, better known as Queen of the Static Opera, and her first album Spaceships, sent me into deep but, exciting meditative state. Lyssa's Metamorphosis intoned an alter ego, similar to mine at the moment. While I am drawn to musicians of all sorts, only a few speak to the serpent inside of me. This alternate experience immediately earned Queen of The Static Opera a place in my exclusive Witchy playlist. Her sound, her energy, her darkness, her light all assist and help guide my rituals, writing and dancing.

Despite the weight of depression and, the mania of anxiety, Queen Of The Static Opera still managed to release Make Love to America Gently With A Chainsaw, her second album on June 11, 2020. An appropriate ensemble of what America was/is dealing with.

Melody and I had a long overdue chat about how Melody learned to play and sing, her music making process, healing generational trauma, depression, anxiety, the occult, feminism, LA and cemeteries. Like old friends who grew up and moved away only to catch up like no time passed is how I would describe how this conversation felt. Melody is beautifully candid Claireaudience. I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I did. The best has yet to come.


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