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Halloween and horror fanatics bitch endlessly when Xmas invades our beloved season. You know what I am talking about. It's in the beginning of October and the stores begin to push the skeletons and pumpkins aside to make way for Xmas trees and lit up "Merry & Bright" signs. Ugh!

I had to make it a point to enjoy more spooky shit while the masses were frolicking in fake snow. Thanks to the amazing Southern California Horror community there were a bountiful amount of "Horror a Days" events to attend. The one that stood out the most was the weekend before Xmas and a Day before the beginning of Yule. The @Spookysquad69 and I celebrated the coming of the darkness at @meyer2myerentertainment & Graham Skipper's @skipstagrham @The Rated R Speakeasy.

You heard me, Speakeasy. Yes, the address is secret, only available to ticket holders and we literally had to look for a red light to find the joint. Once our ID's were checked we took stock of our bearings and snapped photos of us with some festively dressed mannequins and movie quality masks. I expected to be let right into the venue but, imagine my surprise when I pushed open the parlor style door and found myself entering a haunt style maze!

I am not going into detail how it was set up but, single filed and hands on each other's shoulders we made our way though the maze and evaded a creepy Santa and Krampus! There were points we couldn't see as it was pitch black and parts where we were disoriented by strobe lights. Mini haunt right before Xmas! I loved it!

Once we made it out of the maze we entered the venue and it was a holiday horror haven from the beginning. The event was sponsored by my favorite horror news publishers and movie production agencies, @fangoria and @dread So, yes I was thrilled to be on the dark red carpet. My face right up against these agencies that bring me horror info daily.

Set your peepers on the charity raffle! All donations were provided by @trickrtreatstudios, @blumhouse. Fangoria, Dread, @Shudder and @frightrags! All proceeds benefited Artistic Evolucion.

After raffle tickets were purchased and turned in, we made our way through the venue. Unfortunately, we didn't catch the movie screening but we did get to experience the bootiful Arial Bartender and her green concoction of Death. The festive drinks were poured and the music began to play from the DJ's speakers. Dancing to "This Corrosion" played specifically for the SpookySquad was one of the main highlights.

We loved violating every photo opp the RatedRSpeakEasy had to offer.

The festive themed drinks packed a punch and the night kept flowing. I knew I kept smelling tacos and sure enough the Speakeasy revelers were munching on delicious options from @kitchengangsters. I highly recommend checking them out, they specialize in more than tacos.

I will not deny the night became fuzzy. I told you the SpeakEasy's drinks packed a punch! There are flashes of a spooky room where Xmas ornaments were made. I know that was real because the one I made ended up on my tree. I know for certain that @horrovixen and @vamp were in attendance along with other horror personalities and actors. I know we departed the secret party weak in the knees and smiling. Myself and the SpookySquad are still talking about it. We will be in attending the next one! Keep your eyes open by giving the @ratedrspeakeasy a follow on Instagram.

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