Samhain's Lot

You may think, I get excited for all things spooky. Wait till you get over to Samhain's Lot! You'll find something that tickles your Halloween pickles as there is a lot of hidden homages to so many horror films all on one lot! Lucky for me, I got the full experience and, secrets straight from the creator's, Jamie and, Kristy.

Samhain's Lot is massive! I had to take a moment to decide where to start. So, I choose to check out the middle. Of corpse, I was instantly distracted and, a bit teary-eyed when I saw the homage to the Knott's Scary Farm webbing on the front porch. Jamie invited us to come up and, take a gander at his fog rig and, take pics amongst the web. I discovered that webbing and, fog are Jamie's favorite parts of Knott's Scary Farm too! Aweeee! But, Jamie takes things up a notch. Hanging from the patio were elaborate spider's nests that were so detailed, it was a bit unnerving to stand under them. I was suddenly reminded of 'The Mist'.

My attention was drawn to the low lying fog. Jamie has this shit down to a science. "When it's not windy." he tells me. Just look at the way it billows so bootifully.

On the North end of Samhain's Lot, are homages to Midsummer Scream and, retro Halloween masks. But, no one prepares you for the shadow figure with the red eyes down the pathway. Thanks for the nightmare fuel guys.

On the garage door is the famous "Don't Open. Dead Inside" chained door scene. The hands protruding from the openings. I didn't notice it but, Jamie pointed out a solitary hand moving. 'The Walking Dead' gave me the chills in that moment. And I thought that show would never affect me again. It's been years.

You'll notice the two "Sam's" from 'Trick-r-Treat'. Fun fact: Jamie is the one who introduced me to 'Trick-r-Treat' over a decade ago. He's still at it too. The cosplayers of the night, are the kiddo's of Jamie and, Kristy's best friends. Jamie introduced the kids to 'Trick-r-Treat' the weekend before and, the kids were hooked and, in costume the next day.

There's another solitary Sam in one of the windows. On the top floor, when the lights flicker, you get Michael Myer's flashing you. I kept wondering, who's room that is and, how the hell Jamie and, Kristy get in and out of their home.

Jamie asked us to meet him around the corner. He had something for us to hear. We ended up in front of "Where's my cake?!" here. See, there's homages to all kinds of horror movies! Our ears perked up as we heard an eerie voice recite a poem paying homage to the best night of the year. There were witches speaking to us from a shack facade. How does the couple find the time?

Of corpse, Jamie also found the elusive 12-foot skeleton. Along with some enhancements to its appearance, I was startled hearing a guttural and, scary ass growl coming from this guy! Then there's the Halloween like tree.

Jamie filled me in on how he came upon the sounds. Between utilizing Fiver, the voices of whales and, some animal from New Zealand, Jamie adjusted the sounds and, fitted them to each part of the display. So, not only are Samhain's Lot masters of special effects, they are sound technicians!

You Ghouls, Samhain's Lot visits and, befriends other home haunters throughout Southern California. In doing so, they have collected memento's from some familiar names like, @hullhousehaunt and, @the_farm_haunt. Jamie told me he calls these "HorrorCruxes". Beginning the weekend of October 23rd, Samhain's Lot is hosting a scavenger hunt for these hidden-in-plain-sight artifacts. Cosplayer @punisher_from_hell will make an appearance on the 23rd as well. So, it would be a good night to visit!

Samhain's lot gets a 5 out of 5 pumpkins from me. There is no one theme here. It's everything that is Halloween. Something for everyone young and, immortal is at Samhain's Lot. Add in Jamie's excitement and, you get the Samhain's Lot version 100.00. A true haunter builds in 1000 degree weather after planning from last Halloween. All for us without and without taking anything from us.

You're Halloween famous, Samhain's Lot! Very well deserved!


6-10pm nightly

Full effects Friday & Saturday

Wear a mask

Social distancing is enforced.

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