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Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Jeff Bezos became the richest person in the world during the worst economic crisis since The Great Depression. Thanks to asshats, like myself, his fortune swelled from $74 billion to $183.3 billion. NO ONE PERSON SHOULD EVER HAVE THAT MUCH MONEY! Not while theres a profound homeless crisis and, so economic crisis. That's money we all put in.

Amazon isn't going anywhere. We still use it. Creatives use it. But, this Holiday season may make or break some of the small business that keep our beloved Horror Community afloat all year long. This will be a holiday season unlike any other in our lifetimes. Many are still out of work. Many won't be able to have the Xmas they used to because of it. Many use their hustle to stay afloat. This season more than any other, we need to support our friends and, community's small businesses. That doesn't mean ask them for hand-outs, discounted or free wares just because you know they are struggling and, you think that because you aren't that you can take advantage of their creations. Do not question their prices either. Share their profiles, write a review, comment, like and, encourage your friends and family to shop from them.

As part of Michelle Halloween Invades Xmas, I have created a Small Business Guide to help you shop small. There is something for everyone in the horror community and, outside. From eyelashes and, art to items for your altar, all the stores below got you. I'll be adding more as they come to my brain so please be sure to tag me with your store if I haven't mention your business. Please don't take it personally if you haven't been listed yet. Just send me a gentle reminder. I have limited memory data.

Head Pieces & Jewelry




















Tattoos are a great gift! Give your tatted family members some cash for permanent ink!



For Their Altar. Tarot. Readings











Give them the gift of munchies and, drinks!










In addtion to gifting someone with a meal from The Beetlehouse, you can buy @therealzachneil book 'The Nightmare Before Dinner'

Books. Fun Toys & Games











Support those out there demanding change, learn from them, donate and possibly buy some merch and art!







Shoes, Clothes & Accessories
















Home Decor, Gifts and, Artsy Fartsy

















Music is magick. With 2020 decimating so many musicians live performances, many have been relying on merch sales to keep the music flowing. Consider buying your loved one a downloadable album or buy some merch from their favorite musicians. Ones I love are....









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