Son of monsterpalooza 2019

During the high of Monsterpalooza back in April and Midsummer Scream in August, you'd think I'd be hyped to attend Son of Monsterpalooza this past weekend. To be totally honest, I thought I would be just fine NOT attending. But, after consulting with my pendulum and venting to @mrdeathbreath about my lack of excitement for the event, I got off my ass and went.

Now, this was no Monsterpalooza and certainly no Midsummer Scream (which still puts a huge smile on my face when I think about that weekend), I was still determined to make the best of the event. Currently, I am looking for witchy and satanic-ish original art and sketches for my year around home decor. And what better place than here?

My interest in celebrity autographs have started to wane after my Monsterpalooza 2018 drunken-I-totally-need-everyone's-autograph-or-else-I-will-regret-life fiasco. Most of those signed photos are sitting in a box. While I treasure the pics I took, I regret the signed pictures. So, I was not be convinced otherwise today. That was until the Terminator 2 panel and Robert Patrick's energy helped conjure a deal between my Son Corey and I to split the cost of a picture with him.

At the moment, I do not regret this photo. Its the T1000 for fuck's sake! Let me also mention that during the T2 panel, Robert ran around high-fiving the audience. I touched his hand! I'm a self proclaimed psycho fan ghoul for a reason. Other notable and awkward fan moments was when I casually squeezed Nick Stahl's arm like I've known him for years then kept walking. Samara Lee gave a friendly hello in response to my overly high pitched"Hi Samara!" as she walked with her Mother through the aisles of vendors. And then there is the walk by photo of Bill Moseley I had to do. This is becoming a tradition of sorts as I did the same thing at Midsummer Scream. Judge all you want, these photo opps with celebs are expensive and add up! I have art to buy.

On a smaller scale than Monsterpalooza, the art museum always holds up with its beautiful display of work. Here are some of my favorite pieces.

The Scary Closet Maze was a treat as well. It was a tiny walkthrough of the movie "Annabelle Comes Home" The maze design was well put together. I especially enjoyed the hallway scene. The scare actors looked so convincing, I was slightly creeped out. Slightly.

While the show itself was fun, it's the people that made it an afternoon well spent. These are the best times to chat all things Halloween, horror, unique purchases and art with the community I've aptly named my spooky family. Events like Son of Monsterpalooza brings us all together to escape the confines of our everyday lives. I often boast about how I feel like I can just be my "too-much" self at these things but, its so much more than that. I go to learn and gain inspiration from very like-minded people. We live and breath Halloween and horror and in this community there are no competitions, judgments or bullshit expectations. I have never felt so supported! And while most of us are emotionally unstable and our own worst critics, we find the encouragement we need from each other to keep on vlogging and blogging. That is what this community of weirdos, freaks and monsters does. Many thanks to the creators of events like Son of Monsterpalooza for bring us all together and for taking my money!

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