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Updated: Feb 1

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One day after nearly every event shut down here in California, I did what I do to find a shred of positivity and constructive advice. I limited the news and, ignored the legions of panicked theories being sent to me. I wanted to get lost in my imagination and escape the reality of the evolving crisis. So, I turned my focus towards Italy. At that point, March 14th, Italy was about a week into their country wide lockdown. I didn’t want to rely on the news. I had to know, personally, how the people of such a beautiful country, were dealing with the COVID-19 crisis? What could I learn from them? I had to get lost but, where to go? That morning, I went on Instagram and was greeted with a lovely scene of a group of Italians playing instruments and, singing to each other from their balconies. This scene instantly made me think of Stef G @stefgofficial, an Italian artist I follow on Instagram. I wanted to take my chances and reach out to him, to see how he was holding up and get a personal perspective as to how he was dealing with the crisis. As I looked him up, he had just posted a picture of himself, adjusting his sunglasses and flipping the bird. The post read…

“Use your head. Stay home.”

I sent Stef a direct message and to my surprise, he wrote back! We have been chatting ever since and, have been checking in on how each other are dealing. This is why I hold musicians, artists and creatives to such high esteem. Even in crisis, connections and friendships can evolve. Creatives have unconsciously prepared for such moments in time. And in this historic moment, Stef gave me a personal glance of how things unfolded in Italy and how it is important to stay the fuck inside, deal with the seclusion. “Take the virus seriously, don’t panic but don’t be irresponsible.”

So, who is Stef G? Before being locked down in his studio, Stef G could be found all over Europe. Born and raised in Sardinia, a beautiful island in South Italy, Stef began to play guitar as a kid and, has been in several rock/metal bands. He has played hundreds of gigs almost everywhere. Not caring how prestigious the venue was, Stef G just wanted to grab his guitar and play.

In 2009, Stef G moved to Bristol, UK and thats where he really got into electronic music. He has studied Creative Music Production at the Access Creative College and upon moving to London he studied Audio Engineering at the SAE Institute. It was also in London where Stef formed SouLost, a female fronted electro/rock band. Take a look below:

In December of 2019, Stef G released his first solo single Original Sin. In addition, Stef has an alluring Instagram profile that is filled with alluring photos and, mesmeric quotes such as "What offends some may inspire others"

MH: As a kid who were your earliest musical influences?
SG: When I was a kid my biggest idol was Prince. It is safe to say, he is the reason why I grabbed my first guitar and, to be honest, I still consider him one of the greatest artists of the last century.
MH: Take me back to the Stef G five years ago. What musical endeavors where you on?