Stephen King Adaptions

There are so many! From book-to-movies like Carrie and The Green Mile to mini and limited series like Castle Rock the Dude is embedded in a Horror-Whore's everyday life. His reviews are within most of the books I read - movies too! How does the man find the time to review films, books and write books of his own, screenplays and more?

I sought the answer within On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft. Stephen King's very own memoir. It's a great read and his experience and methods stuck within the part of my brain that compels me to write. Except, this memoir was published in 2000. Just before iphones, Twitter and Social Media and other distractions. Yet, King seems to be well versed in many platforms, I will this "King of Horror" to write a second-edition, updated version On Writing.

King's work has had a major impact on my horror obsession since I was a little ghoul. But, like a Daughter who needs to spread her wings and explore her own world of horror, I don't always read every book of his anymore. I haven't for some time and its because the last novel I read, of his, I couldn't finish it. It was too slow. I don't know if it means I am desensitized to his sober writing or... fuck, I don't know. And, I only blame myself. Or is it possible the legend can't always write a best-seller? So, I don't get too excited when a new book or adaption of King's comes out. I am still working through the first season of Castle Rock and it's been available since 2019.

At the beginning of the pandemic, I figured it would be a great time to finally tackle The Stand. I only got about half way through. This massive novel is hard to handle when reading with only a little reader's light while in bed. It wasn't exactly a compelling page- turner. It started strong. But, there too many lengthly lulls and not enough action when I did reach some. I figured that was the point but, my attention span was so manic during the pandemic, it took more to capture my focus. I couldn't finish it.

Since I had to prepare for a really hot weekend in the PNW, The Hub and I started looking for things to binge in the basement. We came upon The Outsider and The Stand. Both new limited series adaptions. It was in no way intentional.

The Stand - Ok. I was thrilled to see that gargantuan of a boring book put into a mini-series. I am cringing and cussing my through every scene with the detestable Amber Herd but, it's getting hard because her character Nadine Cross is up front-and-center at the point of the story I am currently on. Ugh. I let you know when my eyes choke this one down. It's pretty good otherwise.

The Outsider - I didn't do this Stephen King thing on purpose. I have been meaning to read The Outsider but, haven't gotten to it. I am wary of King's writing anymore but, this show makes the book more tempting. The cast is stellar. There is no lack of uncomfortable emotions and, there's a whole lot of fucked up deaths. I took my time with this one but, ended up finishing it by Friday night. I highly recommend this one to binge during a heat wave.

So how do you feel about Stephen King's legacy so far? What are your favorite books and films of his? Have you seen The Stand and The Outsider? Let's talk more about King on my Patreon this upcoming week.

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