The Evil Dead Immersive Experience Opening Reception

The Evil Dead Immersive Experience

Opening Reception

The Bearded Lady & Mystic Museum

September 7, 2019

I almost didn’t go. I often skip the opening receptions at the Mystic Museum because of being bundled in to such a small space and large amounts of people don’t always make me feel great. I’d much rather enjoy what often feels like a private self guided tour of the exhibits after the opening reception. But, something kept telling me to just go. Better than wallowing in regret.

Got dressed, had a small cocktail, turned on a dreamy Dark Wave playlist. Chuck and I were off. If my anxiety hadn’t been a huge cock block, I would have gotten to the Mystic Museum at least two hours early be one of the first in the regular line. I would have and yapped with the folks I was hoping to see. But, as I have been finding out lately, timing is everything. While looking for parking, we saw a cute house already decorated for Halloween outside. Hell yea Burbank residents!

The Kandarian Dagger!

And the love for the 2013 remake was lovely to see. I actually really like that movie! All the blood man, ALL THE BLOOD!

There were lovely volunteers offering to take your photo op pics.

Necromonicon bookshelf anyone?!

The owner’s Eric and Kiko were busy working the event to make sure their guests were having the best time they could. Their humility makes every visit to the Bearded Lady & Mystic Museum feel so comfortable to an easily intimidated ghoul like me.

The Evil Dead experience lasts until December 7th, 2019.

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