The Gaslight Queen

Behold! The GasLight Queen

The Ruler of hypocrisy

She holds no accountability and, no one is safe from her judgement.

She hunts and gathers victims to project equivocations.

Using God’s word as a shield.

She treasures those who serve her agenda with no question.

And she he spits lies to her following;

to blind those from seeing who she truly is

She doesn’t want you to see the scared, shaken wreck that she is

For she is a voluntary slave to the Gaslight King.

Who found her a hollow shell many moons ago

and filled her with vomitous fallacies.

Products of obedience to a fictional manifesto

Taken far too seriously as the pages instruct how to hinder and silence the divine feminine and self-love within her

The Gaslight Queen steps on the legacy of greatness with heels so high;

Impaling the Earth and planting seeds of destruction in the foul holes she leaves behind.

She eats poisonous delusions of grace and rejects veracity.

She turns her nose up to the fruits of knowledge,

Not daring to anger the Gaslight King

For she fears he will dissolve her invisible throne.

She will not risk breaking the sparkling chains he has adorned her with.

Nor will she allow her mistakes to be rendered as such.

Twisting the way she offends as a righteous truth to make you question your sanity

Not even her fleshy creators are safe from her venom.

She will risk their lives to be right in her convictions.

And guilt is her sister.

Condemning the weird and the free spirits as unholy

The Gaslight Queen appears as a Diamond in her Golden magic mirror.

But, if you look closely you can see her strings being pulled

As her mouth opens her voice is but a whisper

Yet her great puppeteer fills her hollow mouth

And she speaks his judgments, his hypocrisy and his lies.

If you look upon her shadow you will see the void. You will see she is empty and full of fear

For she was birthed for the purpose of being an anchor.

Selfishness is the lineage of the Gaslight Queen where Mother’s suck the teets of their children; squandering the innocence of their daughters

And manipulating them into little slaves.

She worships and honors the gaslight queens that came before her.

Having no interest in breaking her own chains

But shackling her children.

An endless cycle of desecration.

So, don’t take shelter when the Gaslight Queen comes to collect your light.

She is fraying at the seams at all times. Quickly, mending them by offering devotions and prayers.

Reject her offerings of peace for she only desires that you obey

So that she can claim dominance over your worth.

Making you question your sanity.

Resist the Gaslight Queen!

Stand your ground and you will see, she is a shaken and afraid by independence.

She is but, a human left out in the cold rain, her own tears and her head buried between her knees.

Do not be fooled

The Gaslight Queen has no control over you.

Or herself.

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