The Mysterics

Last Fall, I had no idea what I was getting into when I first began creeping on Altered State of Reverb's website. I was discovering a whole new world of surf music. Of corpse, it was the spooky surf sounds I was most drawn to and, when I saw the cover art for the The Mysterics I knew it was lust at first sight. Then the sound.

'The Pleasure of Pain', the first Mysterics single on the label, sent me right to my bedroom door, to close it, as I didn't want anyone to assume I was watching porn to loudly. Again. The jam is pure hotness and is adorned with subtle notes that reminded me of The Cramps. I envisioned White Seed, Tiger Girl and Saturnalia recording the song in a red room of pain/pleasure. All the puns were intended there.

I've been dying to chat with the trio to see how they are managing through the pandemic, as their activity has only increase