The Rhythm Coffin

Way back in 2016, when we used to think that as the worst year in history, I once again had found solace in the Horror Community. I was at the Son of Monsterpalooza after-party in Burbank, CA in mid-September. On the bill was Tim Cappello. Everyone wanted to see and feel 'I Still Believe' in all its Lost Boys glory but, it was The Rhythm Coffin who stole the entire night.

I couldn't believe my eyes as I watched what was a total Rob Zombie worthy production. The Rhythm Coffin put on a show complete with howling werewolves, tombstones, and a towering Singer and Guitar player that had to be related or built from some pieces of Frankenstien's Monster. The energy was brewing and bubbling so much that even my Husband put up his devil horns and nodded his head to the Rock n Roll Monster beats. He usually doesn't like to show he's having fun. Then came flying heads that the group encouraged you catch and throw back. It was wild and I was hooked!

In the season's that followed, I found The Rhythm Coffin jamming at Halloween Club's Spookshow events and the Ghouls were even found playing at Hollywood hotspots such as The Whiskey A-Go-Go and The Viper Room. You will all recall when Gruesome Gereg, Scary Carrie, Ashes Ashley, Rabid Russel and Nightmare Nick roamed the halls and walkways of Midsummer Scream 2019.

The pandemic didn't slow The Rhythm Coffin down and I was delighted with all the new releases and music videos that the Monster Gang kept doling out. Complete with live virtual shows, those epicly produced videos and even a special Hexmas Time virtual even, The Rhythm Coffin kept the Halloween spirit alive.

I was fortunate to nab an afternoon conversation with Gruesome Gereg, Scary Carrie and Ashes Ashley just before the premier of The Rhythm Coffin's latest music video 'Balladstien'. Hold onto your loose body parts as you shimmy to this one! Before watching the chat I had with the trio, be sure to peep The Rhythm Coffin on their YouTube channel and download ALL of their Monster hits on all streaming platforms.

Thank you The Rhythm Coffin for allowing me to Fan Ghoul! I love you guys so much so, keep it up!

Instagram @therhythmcoffin


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