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A few months ago, I was cussing the world out over the fact that I got suckered into a gym membership and to not waste money, I actually went. The gym is boring and looking at other people and soundless TV’s makes an hour on the machines seem like a lifetime. So, I decided to catch up on podcasts and vlogs while I sweat into my eyes. I came across a video commercial that was made for Hellflower Soap Company by Rick Creeper and ScardieCat Vasquez. Both guys had me laughing out loud and when the other gym goer’s looked at me nervously, I knew gym time would be better if I find out more about this intense looking but, hysterical guy and his little buddy.

So, I gave Rick a follow and discovered he is a frequent guest on 2S: Horror Quarters Podcast. Being as the show lasts for my duration at the gym, I liked, subscribed and immersed myself into the mind of Rick Creeper. I was blown away! The first time hearing Rick’s story was like spending time at weekend retreat for horror bloggers. I was quickly entranced by the fact that he is roughly my age and after years of lurking in the shadows at cons and haunts he decided to finally put himself out there by auditioning at Sinister Point. What stood out the most to me was that Rick almost talked himself out of the audition but, once he got to it, he became one of Sinister Point’s most terrifying scare actor’s. A year later, Rick is now in his second haunt season and has essentially blown up in the haunt community. In this short amount of time, Rick has been busy taming his alter ego Louis C. Fer while out in public. He has sustained an undiagnosed finger injury while performing at the Scary Closet's Annabelle Haunt and he is now currently cooking up some unsuspecting victims at the Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor. The Chef is one of the main featured characters! And there is no better man for the job! After just a week of Dark Harbor's opening, this handsome devil well deservingly earned the "Top Performer" recognition. Rick also works a typical day job and in the little spare time he has, he is fulfilling his passion of filming while teaching the history of locations in the area where he lives and he runs his own podcast “The Creepcast”.

Rick’s seemingly overnight success doesn’t stop him from being humble. He rapidly offers advice whenever I have questions. As it is, Rick was kind enough to take the time to offer constructive as fuck criticism and I absorbed it like a sponge. Coming from him, I felt honored. Only Gandalf could have been wiser in his area of expertise. I cannot say the same for his alter ego Louis C. Ferr who can improvise the roast of a lifetime. Me included. I guess I deserved it since I just found out I crashed a youtube video of his at Midsummer Scream. HA!

As it is, Rick is blowing up in his acting career and it my utmost privilege to speak with him on a professional and friend level.

MH: Do you feel like you’re working when you’re scare acting or is it all so much fun that its no work at all?

RICK: Its definitely a blast every night being able play dress up and fulfilling a creative outlet but, it is still work. I treat it like work everyday making sure i was able to provide the best encounter for every guest.  Preparation and planning in advance physically and mentally allowed to performed the entire season which was actually my first. I wasn't sure what to expect since I was new or how to develop my" character". With the advice from veterans and taking influences from my life, I was able to come up with a concept that apparently worked for me, lol. It was great to be given a unique character my first year and developing it over time. Once i figured out what worked, I stuck to it and would change up my dialogue to cater to the guest. 


MH: You’ve blown up in a just a year! Where do you see yourself one year from now?

  RICK: Lol, you're too kind! Still working haunt and staying active during the off season. Possibly with film projects and photography, anything to fulfill that creative outlet which is far more rewarding than money. I have been pitching ideas to other creative minds that I have connected with, I am currently waiting on a potential film project that I will play an 80's wrestler. Its somewhat mind blowing that I was even approached for such a thing, its an honor just to be considered for it. I do have this crazy idea of a short vampire film which i have pitched to a mutual friend. Once Haunt season, I will have more time to focus on all this creative madness in my head. Only time will tell.  

MH: You’ve posted some magical rituals on your Instagram? Are you a witch?

RICK: Witch!!! Not at all, but i am very spiritual and take different beliefs from everyone. I like to surround myself with good energy and positive people. I always give everyone a chance and open up my mind to whom they are. Everyone is different and they have that right, just like i have that right to keep certain negative vibes away. Energy vampires are everywhere just waiting to suck out your life force. I recently had an experience working with a few people, it was difficult with a certain individuals that were only concerned with their own selfish needs and not being very optimistic. It had got to a point where there was nothing that I could say or do to help them. So, I simply decided to create enough space that I became unreachable. Surround yourself around people that are going to fan your flames, not put them out or drain you with their negativity. Over the last year, I have been given spiritual guidance from someone. She has become a very good friend to me and foreseen a lot the current projects that i have been involved in. She has also done various readers and provided candles for certain needs.


MH: Scare acting is tough on the body. You’ve seem like you’ve made your health a priority. But, what hurts the most after back to back nights of terrifying?

RICK: It all depends how physical you are, you might be a slider terrorizing ghost town or screamer like me that can dart across the room fast. Mental health is key too, sometimes being tired will mess with my head and emotions. I try to stay positive and pace myself throughout the night. I would say mainly my feet, legs and throat. 

MAN! I am fighting the " Haunt Plague" right now as I type this up! So picture cold and flu like symptoms  on top of exhaustion and lack of sleep. Welcome to the Haunters life!  Definitely prepping in advance helps, sleeping and eating right. I take vitamins on the daily and try to exercise 3 to 4 days week. During Haunt season i was living off protein bars and bananas, thats the old meathead athlete in me lol.  A lot of the vets would give me advice on how to treat my vocals or take care of my throat, Lemon tea and honey was key. I had my pockets full of cough drops and would pop them in between scares. Emergen-c immune boost powder seemed to be pretty popular with all the haunters. This year i went to Costco and loaded up big time! I am coating my throat with raw honey straight out of the bottle. All I can say is this, stretch, drink plenty of water and sleep! But most importantly...HAVE FUN! and take Advil!!!!!!!!!!!!!   


MH: How do you keep your composure with the difficult haunt attendees? Have you been swung at, cussed out or threatened? 

RICK: Just like anything in life, it all depends how you handle the current matter. Sadly, shit does happen during haunts and you just have to pick and choose your battles. I have simply stayed "in character" and let them know they cant do that or let management know, my biggest concern is that the same  thing were to happen to another haunter so its best to bring it to someone's attention. People are going to act a fool and say hurtful things, its best not to react to it or let someone know. Last year, I walked in on a situation where a few guests had a female haunter cornered and were being disrespectful. So, in character I scared the shit out of them and "removed" them from the maze. They were asked to leave right after that. 💀💀💀 To this day, we are good friends. She's at Knott's now killing it in the Wax Works, on occasion  we message each other through Instagram. Grain of salt, if not! just body slam them all! Lol kidding! 

MH: Please offer a Rick style statement of wisdom for those doubting themselves and putting off their dreams.

RICK: Lets see....Nothing in life is easy, those bumps in the road are part of the journey. I have failed many times attempting different things in my life, but they were all life lessons. I doubted myself standing outside of the auditions for Sinister pointe last year and look what has happened since. Not only it has opened many doors but I am able to fulfill my creative outlets, I never did anything of this for money which I do get paid well for certain gigs. Hell, I would do it all for free. Passion for the art has more value than anything. Be respectful and humble, shake every hand on the way up because you might have to shake it again on the way down. Never bash anyone because you would be surprised who they are or whom they might know, hence why I stopped associating with certain people.  Find your passion and enjoy the ride, surround yourself with people that fan your flames...    

Follow Rick @rickcreeper11 and @darkalleyproductions on Instagram.

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