the scariest movie i have ever seen

Updated: Feb 1

I want to discuss what horror movie truly made me feel terrified please send me your comments below. The one that kept me up all night, seeing shit in my dark room. What made me squeeze my eyes shut and talk myself into falling asleep. I didn't realize it then but I certainly do now, that kind of fear is addictive. There are only a handful of horror movies that make me feel uncomfortable but, there is one that is King. The one that I still have a hard time watching, but can't stop watching because I love that kind of fear.

After attending some slumber parties and having watched classic horror films like Nightmare on Elm Street and Child's Play. My then eleven year old self, proclaimed I was a true horror fanatic. None of these movies scared me too bad. I found them fun and in a sense, made me feel strong because I didn't fear what I was seeing. They were after all, just movies. So, I decided to brag about my new bad assery to my Dad while at a boring kid's birthday party. My Dad sat there in all his confidence and asked me, "But, have you seen the Exorcist?"