The Soulful Veganista

Not long ago, during a high tension, discussion, someone once told me that she was all about love and light only. A mantra, a behavior that wrongfully gives the false impression that that life is nothing but, positivity and sunshine. In this situation it was used as an excuse to absolve and cease a conversation. An excuse to hide from difficult situations by believing one can block out the shitty things and negative energy our lives throw at us. As the sun sets, darkness looms but, we know that the sun will rise again. Then Love & Light should be balanced with Shadow work.

I have learned about Shadow Work though the books I've read regarding witch-craft and basic psychology. But, it was only ever a chapter, a page in most books and rarely was it mentioned in the many podcasts, and shows I've subscribed to. That was until I found Jamila, The Soulful Veganista.

First, it was her Death Metal look. Her video was playing Cannibal Corpse. As I creeped further, I discovered Jamila is involved with the @afrovegansociety, she's dedicated to uplifting and improving Black lives and takes, the time to teach Shadow Work. Let me tell, you, Jamila does not put on any front about the importance of Shadow Work. This is one of her many gifts. I was hooked. Some one finally is prioritizing and enlightening people (pun intended) about Shadow Work and, she is an intuitive Black Woman. I was enraptured.

Still am.

My beloved Halloween and Horror Community, if you don't know The Soulful Veganista by now, allow me to introduce you! In this exclusive Michelle Halloween episode, Jamila and I , talk about her upcoming Shadow Werk Club, activism, the AfroVegan Society, the importance of being healthy within and without. We also got high.

You can watch the episode below but first, follow Jamila @thesoulfoulveganista

Find quick links to her recipes, blogs, YouTube channel and more here: @thesoulfulveganista

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