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Updated: Feb 1

In California, you know shit is bad when Disneyland shuts down. Isn’t that when everyone in Southern California started panicking?

Just me?

Around March 12th, things in California were snowballing. After professional sports leagues and Disneyland; concerts, conventions, art shows, retail stores, restaurants, and, bars followed suit and shut their doors. This left so many extroverts wondering, what the fuck are we to do for fun?

I can introvert. Oh can I! In fact, just a week before California shut down I was telling my therapist that I had come to an epiphany. Aside from my weekend time with the horror community, I do not leave my house much. I don’t have to take my kids to school or, pick them up. I don’t go to grocery stores often because they freak me the fuck out. My husband has taken up that household duty for the past year and a half. I barely go outside because its too sunny or I’m too worried I’ll run into someone from Rancho Cucamonga that I don’t want to talk to. Before that appointment, I hadn’t left the house in 4 days.

I did mourn my beloved 3Teeth’s tour being cancelled as well as some of my other favorite events. I feared for my artists and creators of all sorts too. But, my spirit and my guides whispered in my ear and told me that this is the beginning of the shift I’ve been expecting. It’s time to go within and pull out all that I have to keep Michelle Halloween alive.

I am not the only one who received the message. Within a few weeks (and spending absurds amounts of money on food deliveries, band merch and small business supporting) all of my favorite creatives started coming up with ways to hold club night, seances, rituals, meditating, classes, watch parties and even free live streams of some famous musicians. As I write this I am partially watching/listening to @djtommysecosky on Twitch. It’s @clubwednezday after-all.

Recently, @alexismincolla of @3Teeth started an amazing Patreon. It’s a secret thing so I can’t give away details. But, I can say he has been interacting with each Patron and sharing some very hypnotic insight about himself and the band. The best part its, it feels good being able to support an an artist I admire so much.

I thought my chances of seeing @twintemple were also in the trash for 2020 but, they ended up holding Unholy Communion on Easter Sunday live on YouTube! Viewers were even treated to a live, virtual performance of Lucifer My Love.

The Spooky Squad @spookysquad got on the bandwagon and hosted our first public Zoom gathering. Our private virtual zoom gatherings have ended up like our gatherings when we are physically together. Other than us not being able to touch each other, of corpse. Our public Zoom was much of the same except we were able to terrorize willing victims who came in out of pure curiosity. It was also comforting knowing that I didn’t have to worry about anyone getting home safely. Myself included.

Personally I, knew that I was not going to stop with the Michelle Halloween podcasts. I knew that I would still connect and, even network from creatives around the globe. I have new friends in Italy @stefgofficial and one in the UK @derosidemusic. I have befriended the composer of Killer Klowns From Outer Space! @johnmassari About 500 of my family members have sang Happy Birthday to a few of us and I can say I have already seen them more on Zoom than in person. I got drunk playing Serial Killer Bingo with @murdersbychelsea and at the same time, had @zachariahthewitch read my tarot and answer a question. For the first time ever I am grateful I have multiple devices. On 4/20/20, I got stoned with Josh Millican of @chronichorror. I can’t believe my life in the time of the Rona!

Of corpse, I miss conventions and shows were we could go and shop, mingle and do photo oops. Yet, some show promoters like @spookisieboo and the Santa Ana @witchwalk have managed to host virtual shows where vendors take over the main profile, for a set amount of time and, tell us about their goods. Viewers are then able to purchase anything they need or want and, it feels personal. The Witches Brew @thewitchesbrew has weekly artist take overs. The artists go over their creations and followers have even been treated to story times. It’s been years since I have been read to and, to have had @marymisery read Ligeia by Edgar Allen Poe was a dose of pure bliss.

I know and sympathize with those struggling through the crisis but, I firmly believe that in order to gain what we truly want, we have to lose and remove things from our lives that are blocking our true path. With so many out of work, I can’t imagine the levels of fear and uncertainly that people are being faced with. But, I wonder, while most are wounded and frightened, how many have pondered the message, “Maybe now I can work towards that one thing I’ve always wanted.” The Earth is sending the message, that she needs to heal and recover from her most deadly virus… Us.

So, while it’s certainly doesn’t match physical presence, being able to share space with each other in the virtual realm has been a buoy for keeping our sanity above water. Not only are we able to attain the connection with our communities, new ideas are being birthed and, hopefully, keeping small business's alive. It's important to make sure that certain things do not go back to the way they were and we humans take pause, be creative and, follow our true paths. The virtual realm is quite impressive. Change isn’t easy but, accepting it is freeing. Lose yourself for awhile. Get inspired. Take a class. Do ritual. The Dalai Lama said it best…

The planet does not need more successful people. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kinds. - The Dalai Lama

So, to help you not get overwhelmed, I will list virtual events pertaining to Halloween, Horror and the occult in my events calendar. Please, share your experiences! I’d love to hear!

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